5 tips and tricks for designing an easy-to-clean home

While elaborate and artsy interior designs are all well and good, cleaning and maintaining them can he a huge hassle. Homeowners only realize how much time and effort it takes only after they’ve actually lived through it. On the other hand, easy-to-clean interior designs are on the rise in the design world. Their easy maintenance is an excellent selling point, and if you’re wondering how you can design one of your own, here are a few tips for your perusal:


1. Simple wall materials

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Wall surfaces are a magnet for dust and dirt. Their regular maintenance is of the utmost importance. However, walls that have been overdesigned with in-built accessories and posh carpentry are typically harder to clean. So if you want an easy maintenance, then opt for wall designs that are simple, elegant and can be easily cleaned.


2. Floor choices

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Your floor choices matter a lot when you’re trying to create a home interior design that is easy-to-clean. We recommend going for homogenous surfaces. Large tiles with appropriate grouting is a good option as well. On the other hand, small tiles (1’x1’ usually) are an absolute nightmare and can accumulate a lot of dirt over time.


3. Maximize your storage

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Physical clutter is a perpetual part of day to day life, and what better way to minimize it then maximizing your storage space. Wen you have a lot of room to stow away the clutter, it’s automatically going to be out of your sight. Therefore, utilize all the nooks and crannies of your homes to get all the storage space you’ll be needing for future use.


4. Right window treatments

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Cleaning your window coverings is also a crucial part of maintaining your home ambiance. So with regards to cleaning, you have to opt for a stylish modern treatment that is also easy to clean. Elaborate curtains and drapes may have a magical effect, but they do tend to be a pain to clean. So instead, opt for simple rollers or blinds that you can regularly brush dust off.


5. Maximize functionality

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At the end of the day, the best way to design an easy-to-clean home is by focusing on the functional aspects. Focus on what you need vs. what you want, and you’ll end up with an optimal space that is going to be just as easy to maintain as it looks good.


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