5 Tips & Tricks To Build A Trendy Beautiful Home

Sometimes, it’s good to have some handy-dandy tricks and hacks in your arsenal when you’re tackling an interior design project of your own. Nothing good has ever come out of ignorance, but getting yourself educated in the art of design can always help you get the best of results in your ventures. So further, we’re going to show you some great tips to make your interior design look the height of trendy and beautiful.


1. The perfect attraction

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Luxespace Interior


One of the greatest tips you need to learn is that it is always best to create a nice focal point in your design. It has to be unique enough to attract the eye even with the rest of the discrepancies in the overall design, and it has to act as the major stand out feature in the overall ambience of the space. It can either be a feature furniture piece or a media wall or even a decorative element like a photo frame.



2. Contrast in finishes

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Luxespace Interior


The easiest and most effortless way you can make your interior design ‘boring’ is when you use a single faceted finish in a major part of the space. So you’ll have to take stock of your surroundings and make sure that you use some complementary yet contrasting finishes in the space to make an interestingly designed ambience.



3. Adding color contrast

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Luxespace Interior


Extreme color contrast – better known as high contrast – is one of the easiest and most straightforward way to make your interior designs look the height of trendy. However, you’ll have to be very careful about using the right color combination. The wrong one can subtract from the value of your overall interior space.



4. Creative design elements

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Luxespace Interior

Many times, you have to get crafty with your designs in order to get the best results. Creative design elements are mostly carried out and executed on the designer’s part, but you can always contribute ideas. They can range from anything to everything – from a creative shelf design to even a lighting arrangement.



5. The best combinations

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: I-Bridge Design


A lethal combination of two unique design elements in your interior design can go a long way in adding a trendy touch to your spaces. For example, the furniture and artwork in any interior space can be arranged to provide some truly unique aesthetics.

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