5 tips for using accent colors in your home interiors

Accent colors usually comprise of the bold, vibrant, stand-out and highly vivacious hues on the color wheel. They’re very bright and attractive, which is why they’re used to create an element of contrast in your interior designs. Some examples may include cobalt, shocking pink, red and emerald green. Today, we will be sharing 5 tips for using accent colors in your home interiors!


1. To use ruby red

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Ruby red is gorgeous and has a very expressive presence in a space. Since using it in large doses can have an aggressive impact on the human psyche, it’s usually used in very small amounts. This is what makes it the perfect accent color. It’s usually used in tandem with dull colors – usually a monochromatic color scheme – so that its vibrancy provides a nice contrast to the space.


 2. A cluster of shades

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 If you have a number of bold, vibrant colors that you like, you can use them all at once in a space to introduce beautiful accents. The trick lies in using them all simultaneously and in clusters. You can either select a vivacious artwork with all of your favorite colors and hand it as a statement piece in your interiors. Or you can use the colorful spines of books to get a similar effect.


 3. In furniture upholstery

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Using accent colors in the form of bold furniture choices is a common and excellent way to articulate this color scheme. All you have to do is find a color that contrasts your ambiance and then use a unique furniture object in that color to use as an accent piece. This is exactly where the concept of accent chairs came from.


 4. Cheers to the refreshers

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Green is arguably one of the most refreshing colors on the palette. It has a uniquely soothing presence, but at the same time it is very vibrant. It’s a color that can be used in relatively large amounts when you’re trying to introduce an accent scheme in your home interiors. You can even translate this color in the form of an entire couch upholstery instead of a single small accent furniture piece.


5. Cobalt and cushions

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Blue is an incredibly soothing color, and at the same time it can introduce stunning accents in a dull interior design. The trick however, is using it in moderation. So you can use a cluster of couch cushions to introduce this particular accent color in your home interiors!


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