5 Truly Unique Bathroom Vanity Designs

Bathroom vanities are an extremely important part of the overall interior design. Although they only take up a small part, you might as well call them the face of your bathroom design. A good bathroom vanity is the epitome of both functionality and aesthetics. You can design one in any style, or according to the running theme of your bathroom interior design; be it minimal, contemporary or even classical.

Vanities can therefore, determine the overall aesthetic of your bathroom interior. These days, there are a lot of prefab vanity designs available in the market, but you can even have yours customized. Below, we’ll be looking at 5 unique bathroom vanity designs for your inspiration!



1. The industrial chic vanity

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: VOILÀ

This vanity design features a raw, minimalist design that has been done up in a swanky grey-beige color scheme with a boxy white sink on top. The overall design is extremely simple, and done in clean lines, it’s very modern, but the color scheme and overall aesthetic give off a sleek industrial chic vibe that is very trendy and stylish,



2. The futuristic vanity

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Ideal Design Interior

The click, unique design of this vanity might have seemed very conventional had it not been for the clear glass sink on the top. As it is, the sink gives it an authentic, futuristic vibe that is extremely attractive. Note that you’ll have to be very careful with this sort of vanity design – it demands regular maintenance. But the overall look of this design is totally worth it!




3. The classical contemporary vanity

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Fifth Avenue

This vanity design features a very contemporary aesthetic that has been spruced up with the amazing blue backsplash. It gives the overall vanity design an extra oomph and complements the white parts of its fixture very well. It also fits well with the basic neo-classical theme that has been implemented in the rest of this home design.




4. The Contemporary Minimal Vanity

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: The Association

This slick, compact vanity design exudes a contemporary minimal vibe. It has been customized to fit in the small size of this bathroom interior, but its overall aura has been so artfully complemented by the rest of the bathroom interior design that the size doesn’t even matter. The aesthetic is very attractive and executed in a truly brilliant manner.




5. The Luxurious Feature-Length Vanity

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Newedge design


This feature length vanity design is the epitome of luxurious. Its design deftly makes use of a limited amount of space but gives of a clean, luxurious vibe that makes the overall bathroom interior design look very sleek and glamorous. The emphasis on the horizontal storage part of the vanity is what gives it an attractive edge. It’s an unconventional design set-up for a traditional vanity design.

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