5 Underappreciated Trends Of The Last Decade

Interior design is all about trends – if you’re not following one, then you’re making some of your own. But all trends are fleeting, if not fickle. These days technology has completely revolutionized the construction and design set-ups. We now have materials and design style in work that would never have been possible before.

The latest trends include green designs with hydroponic walls and indoor vertical gardens along with sleek, glitzy contemporary aesthetics. But there are some trends that are quite underappreciated even in the modern world. Maybe they’re not as brand new and shiny, or maybe they are an acquired taste, but let’s look at some of the most underappreciated design trends of the decade.


1. Damask Wallpapers

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent


These show off some great traditional designs that can bring in a little bit of old-school even in the most modern of interior designs. Damask wallpapers have a very unique aesthetic. Their designs and patterns are extremely appealing and formal. If you look at this image, you will notice how the wallpaper brings out a more formal vibe that complements the sleekness of the modern design. The contradicting combination of these two styles gives the space a great and dynamic visual appeal.


2. Laura Ashly flower prints

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Impression Design Firm


Flower patterns might sound like a total hippie phenomenon but rest assured they can seem extremely appealing if used in the right way. These patterns have quite a retro appeal that can bring a little bit of nostalgia in your interior designs. This image shows just how the Laura Ashly like flower prints can contribute to the retro styling of the room.


3. Space-age furniture

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Space Sense Studio

This kind of furniture has an almost biomorphic physique. Its free style formation can make it seem unconventional. It doesn’t conform to a particular style, so people tend to not understand how to place it. However, it can be placed in any contemporary setting if the surroundings are done just right. This image shows how this free-style furniture can bring about a refreshing and atypical aesthetic in any room.


4. Vintage wooden furniture

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Urban Design House Pte Ltd

This kind of furniture has an extremely traditional vibe. It is old-school and vintage, with a physique that would bring in an 80’s nostalgia into your interior design. Its traditional set-up makes it a perfect shoe-in for traditional and eastern style interiors designs. If you look at this image, you can see how this kind of furniture can enhance that traditional vibe without seeming out of context even in modern interior designs.


5. Celestial ceilings

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  The Interior Place

These are a recent interior design trend. Celestial ceilings are a nice alternative to sticking glow in the dark stars to the ceiling yourself. These kind of ceilings come with zero-watt bulbs installed straight into the ceiling. It is charming, but unfortunately, the trend never caught massive notice.

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