5 Unique & Awesome Ways To Add More Storage Spaces To Your Home

Living in a house with family or friends or the loved one, or living alone, we always require more storage spaces in order to store our clothes, toys, books, etc. We have a lot of things but we have limited spaces at home! Put your worries aside, let's take a close look at these 5 different and amazing ways that you can add storage spaces to your home designs!


1. The closet corridor

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Many times, the hallways and lobby spaces can end up being completely redundant when it comes to functional interventions. However, you can add some adequate storage spaces in these hallways to make the most of them. This closet hallway next to the bedroom space is an excellent way to make use of transient spaces in your HDB interior design.



2. Platforms

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Step-ups and platforms are a great way to add subtle storage space in your HDB interior designs. You simply take one half of the room and create a 10” or 1’ platform on one side which can have integrated drawer storage underneath. You can simply stow away all your needless clutter in these drawers to keep it out of sight.



3. Simple wardrobes

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Wardrobes are typical storage features when you want to go the conventional way with your storage. However, there is a lot of leeway to be explored with wardrobe designs. You can design the door leafs in sliding formation, bi-fold formation and even simple door formations. You can embellish each door leaf in a unique way to boot!




4. Lobby shelves

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In-built shelves in the lobby or a foyer are the newest trend in the market to add a little more subtle storage to your HDB interior design. Part of these shelves can be open and layered with decoration, while most of it is constructed in closed compartments that can be used to store any clutter around your homes.




5. The conventional kind

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Sometimes, typical is the best way to go when it comes to storage solutions. Kitchen cabinet designs are some of the most tried-and-true storage interventions in the world. However, they’re clearly exclusive to the kitchen space, so that can be construed as a set-back as far as the rest of the interior design is concerned.

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