5 Unique Ways To Introduce Wooden Textures At Your Home

There are tons of styles as well as genres of wood and wooden textures available in the market these days. While people are generally aware of the major distinctions between all these products, they still have trouble searching for creative ways to implement these textures in their homes. So today, we’ve compiled a list of 5 unique ways you can introduce wooden textures in your home interior designs!



1. Horizontal tiling

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Wooden tiles in bathrooms may not be a completely avant-garde concept, but it does seem like that to many new homeowners. However, rest assured because this technique is definitely one of the most unique ways to imbue some life and personality into those ubiquitous neutral themed, mostly colorless bathrooms. The horizontal wooden textured wall-tiling in this bathroom is a great example of this technique!




2. Wooden tiled floors in bathrooms

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You may have seen wooden textured floors in bedrooms, living rooms and even kitchens, but it’s hard to come by a bathroom with such an aesthetic. However, wooden tiled floors can add a posh sophistication to even the smallest of bathroom spaces, and they provide a great contrast against the lighter-hued wall tiles, fixtures and ceiling designs.




3. Platform beds

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Platform beds with tall mattresses are an excellent way to customize your bedroom interior designs, and if you can introduce some beautiful wooden accents alongside, then that’s just the cherry on top. You can use the headboard area and the in-built nightstands to do so, and make their finish as distressed or as smooth as your style calls for.




4. Going vertical herringbone

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While the herringbone floor pattern is quite popular, have you ever thought about implementing a similar design on the vertical surfaces of your home? Well they look just as good, and with a few tweaks you can adjust the pattern to suit the size and dimensions of your existing furniture. This technique comes of especially well on the tall kitchen cabinets and pull-out units.




5. Customized laminate patterns

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Wooden textured laminates can be applied in any way, shape and pattern that you like. So now you can customize your study or kitchen cabinets by asking your designers to create some unique patterns on these surfaces for the best visual effect.

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