5 Upgrades Your Bedroom Might Need in 2019

It’s the start of a new year and you might be craving some change in the typical bedroom design you’ve been living in for the last 365 days. Here are 5 trendy upgrades that might spice things up a little for the coming year:


1. An in-home study area

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It’s all good to have a sperate study room or home office in your residences, but it’s also totally recommended to have a small in-house study nook in your bedrooms. If you don’t already have one, you can go for an upgrade in 2019. Set up a small desk and a shelf in one corner, so that you can alternate between urgent work and rest on the get-go without having to walk all the way out of the bedroom.


2. Simplify your surroundings

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One of the reasons you may not have had a good night’s sleep during the last year might be that you’ve designed your bedroom to be too stimulating. This basically means that over-designing either the accent wall or the media corner has been disrupting your rest. So, another good upgrade that you can invest in is simplifying the designing. Go for a painted wall in a soothing colour, choose quality visuals for your bed covers, etc.


3. Declutter with furniture

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Many homeowners tend to overlook the importance of simple furniture layouts. Over-furnishing is a huge ‘no’ while you’re upgrading your bedrooms for 2019. In fact, while you’re at it, you can even get rid of the extra stuff that has been hogging precious space. Instead, use a small dresser in place of typical nightstands, be cause with your styling, and don’t choose overly classic pieces.


4. Compartmentalize your bedroom

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Another cool upgrade that you can go for in 2019 is by completely separating the wardrobe area of your room. You can compartmentalize this space nicely by going for wardrobe separators. These work even in small spaces – especially when you know how to ration the space just right. They even end up providing a more efficient spatial use if you do this right.


5. Isolate entirely

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If you can spare the space, it’s always recommended to have a totally separate dressing/wardrobe room in your homes. You can even keep up with the trends by using it as a dual-functional space – e.g. study room come dressing area.


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