5 ways to decorate when you’re decluttering your homes

Feel like a Grade-A hoarder every time you enter your homes? Want to clean the space up by managing all the excess? Want to emulate a clean interior design in the process? Well, you’ve landed at the right space. Decorating for a decluttered home is truly an art form that requires careful appraisal and strategic selection of accessories. Today, we’ll guide you how you can become a pro at it:


1. Single tones

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The first thing you should know is that things automatically start looking cleaner when they are merged with each other. For example, a blue jean stands out against a white blouse, but not so much when you pair it with a matching denim jacket. Similar is the case with interior design. You need to match up the textures to emulate a decluttered vibe. For example, if the floor is wooden textured, then the furniture can be the same colour to get a clean look.


2. Backdrop is important

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Selecting the right backdrop is important when you’re aiming for a clean, decluttered interior design. It has to be chosen from a selection of understated neutral hues, because an uninterrupted background makes for the cleanest look. White is usually the preferred hue for such a venture. You can pair it up with earthy-coloured contrasting surfaces to get a beautiful effect.


3. Large windows

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Another decorating pro-tip for maintain a clean, clutter free home aesthetic is by utilizing the size of your windows, and dressing them in sleek, modern treatments. The style of window treatment you choose has a very crucial affect on the looks of your space. Curtains and drapes enhance the clustery look, while sleek roller blinds and officious venetian blinds emulate a clean look.


4. Patterns instead of hangings

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Another great way to get rid of all that visual and physical clutter is by ridding your walls of all those frames and artwork pieces. They can be a stylish form of décor, but if the space is small, they end up looking highly dissatisfying. Instead, you can choose minimalistic patterns and wall stickers to highlight your interior designs n the trendiest way possible.


5. Soft accent colours

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Euphoric Designs

Every interior design needs at least one accent colour to make it seem interesting. It’s the one rule of designing spaces that applies to all interiors. However, if you’re emulating a clean look and getting rid of physical clutter, then don’t use furniture or other statement pieces to get this effect. Instead, use soft colours on feature walls to get the desired aesthetic.


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