5 ways to prepare your home for fall by decorating with fresh planters

Fall is finally in full swings – nights and early mornings are crisp with cold, the trees are shedding rust coloured leaves, and Halloween is just around the corner, but is your home ready? The bare planters and trees are one of the least favorite goodbyes to say in fall, but what if you don’t have to? What if you can retain the summery essence of fresh greens in your homes a little longer? Here are 5 ways you can prepare your home for fall by decorating with fresh planters!


1. Create gorgeous views

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The first step to decorating with planters is to create nice views. The idea is to design a space that emulates the freshness of summers while the world outside succumbs to the coolness of fall. So, pick all the places where you can think that planters can have the most impact, and place them there. The side of a media console, an accent table, and even your window sill is a good option.


2. Create a DIY project

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Another way to compete with fall with spring inside your homes is by nurturing your own DIY project. You can design your very own planter tree by transforming a shelf. The ladder shelf in this image is a great example of how you can actually translate this technique into your homes. Just be sure to choose planters that can survive the season for this project!


3. Think artificial

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If you don’t feel confident in your green thumb, or don’t really have the time to take care of a full-blown DIY project, then you can certainly opt for artificial greens as well. In fact, you have so much more creative liberty with artificial planters. You can experiment with colours, and even emulate a little fall-inspired theme with a fresh twist into your homes.


4. As accent pieces

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You don’t have to have large amounts of planters in your homes to bring the freshness of summer in an otherwise fall inspired home. In fact, you can get the same results by opting for accent planters. This means that you can just place a large planter with a blooming foliage in the focal point of your rooms, and it’s going to have a great affect on the overall ambiance!


5. Small décor objects

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Jialux Interior

Lastly, your fresh greens don’t have to be overly large or enormous to compete with the fall aesthetic. In fact, using them in moderation can have just as much of an impact. You can put a small vase of leafy stems beside your study desk, or put a cluster of succulents beside your window sill!


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