5 Ways To Add Charm To Your Dining Spaces

Dining areas are usually the most neglected part of the overall interior design layout in most Singaporean homes. But what if you could make them smarter and more interesting? Further, we’ve shared some tips on how you can add charm, charisma, and style to your dining areas from the get-go. Let’s take a look:


1. Design them in the layout

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Typically, homeowners just use the leftover space in their furniture layout for the dining area. So, if you want to make it special, you’ll have to accommodate it in the layout from the beginning. This means that you’ll have a relatively larger area you can play with during the furniture selection process. You can also decide how you want it to be accessed: is it part of the open floor layout or does it have a separate entrance?


2. Designing the ambiance

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The ambiance of a dining space has to be the perfect blend of chic, elegant, and properly stimulating. You cannot use too many stark colors such as white and grey, or you’ll feel lonely and depressed during your meals. Spot the lighter and duller colors with brighter accents and natural highlights to make the space feel homely and appetizing.


3. Selecting furniture

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Selecting the furniture for your dining areas requires a lot of thought. It all actually depends on how much space you have. Fair warning: don’t select oversized tables and chairs if you think that your area is too small or medium sized. Pick something small, compact, and statement worthy to make the best visual, functional, and spatial impact.


4. All about the lighting

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It’s always preferable to have a nice statement light fixture installed right above the center of the dining table. This gives the whole set-up a visual anchor. But did you know that you also have to focus on the temperature of the lighting as well? Cool lights can leech away your appetite, so always go for warm lighting in order to keep a healthy diet.


5. Resting area

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If your home is large enough, you can also add a small resting area right beyond your dining space. You can kick back and relax there after a meal. It doesn’t have to be large – just an alcove with a comfortable chair and a nice view can do the job just fine.


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