5 Ways To Add The Perfect Bonjour~French Style To Your Home

Nowadays, Scandinavian interior design is the latest trend in the design market, but it is believed that this trend is slowly and gradually pushed away by French style décor. It is a sub-genre of neo-classical interior design that focuses on delicacy and detailing.

French style interior designs are inspired by Rococo style. Light color and lighter hues are utilized in order to get a delicate ambiance that emphasizes the details in a subtle manner. French Style interior designs are a little contradicting, and it can be applied through dark colors if the space allows.

Let’s look at these 5 easy ways which you can add the perfect French style décor to your interior design!


1. Wall beading is a must

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  The Interior Lab 

Wall beading is a great contemporary invention that adds a delicate classical style aesthetic in the interior design. It is usually done with white on white materials. Sometimes, added accessories like crown moldings which can enhance the design of the wall beading in more blown up detail.


 2. Opulent furniture style

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rezt & Relax Interior

The furniture style for French inspired interiors is more on the elaborate side. However, a dash of modern is always a must to fit in with present sensibilities and styling. A little bit of detailing on the frames of any furniture design – like the headboard of a bed – can add a really luxurious vibe when you’re emulating the French style interior décor.


 3. Textures

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: I-Bridge Design

Subtle textures that stand out under certain lighting are always appreciated in French style interiors. These days, there are wallpapers available in many styles that can definitely make this particular point easy to accomplish. A little bit of gloss in the mix would always be a welcome addition to this kind of aesthetic.


 4. Lighting fixtures

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Voila

Proper lighting fixtures are always a must when it comes to incorporating the French style interior designs to their fullest. Contemporary pendent lights in the image of classical chandeliers will enhance and elevate the French style interior design. They’re also a great way to creating center pieces and focal points throughout the interior.



5. Collaborative themes


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  DotsNTots Interior

While taking on the French style theme, it is important to consider all the aspects that should remain distinctly modern. A fine balance of modern and classical elements must be struck in order to get the best results. White foreground is always a good way to retain a bit of modernity while highlighting all the delicate detailing of this particular style.

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