5 Ways To Break Boundaries With Color Palates

Selecting the right color combinations for your interior designs is the most important aspect of designing your ideal home. They have to be complementary with each other as well as to have an amazing contrast. You cannot simply combine a hodge-podge of unique colors and call them ground breaking.

Like the famous adage goes, ‘there is a method to madness.’ Thus, selecting the best color combinations for your interior design has to have a method to it as well. Today we will be looking at some great and unconventional color schemes that are definitely going to inspire you!


1. Rust, Beige and Grey

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rezt and Relax Interior

The very first thing you should know about creating a successful color combination for your interior design is that you have to work with color that have different visual intensities. Grey and beige are soft tones, but they are worlds apart when it comes to visual impacts. When you use these two colors together in an interior design, you need to top it off with another color that is high in contrast. Rust would be the perfect choice for that.



2. Green and Gray

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rezt and Relax Interior

Whenever you decide to pair up green with grey in your interior designs, you have to especially focus on selecting the right shade of green. It cannot be leaf green or mint green because the freshness of these colors are going to make the grey parts look bizarre. Instead, you can choose olive green or moss green with partially grey tones.



3. Navy Blue and Off-White

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Fineline

This is the most classic and ubiquitous color scheme in interior design. Navy blue is extremely dark, while white is extremely reflective. The combination of the two colors creates a high contrast color scheme that appeals to the eye. You can even add additional contrast by layering the off-white with texture. A navy blue couch formation against a backdrop of white exposed brick wall is the ultimate dream color scheme for any interior design.


4. Go for retro-broke

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Distinctidentity

 If you want a color scheme that is funky, pop-art style retro then you need to get creative. Getting the right furniture pairing with this kind of a color scheme is an absolute must! You can use bright red, shocking pink, lime green and even neon orange or yellow in small amounts throughout the interior design. But make sure that the ratio of dull-to-bright colors always lean in favor of the dull colors. Otherwise, your space can end up looking weird instead of unique.



5. Red and Browns

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Free Space Intent

Brown and red are both dull colors, but red has more vivacity. This is why it can be paired with a shade of brown that is equal to its visual weight. Just to add a small amount of contrast, you can add some white in the mix. But the goal here is to highlight the red and brown parts of the interior design, so the white parts should be used in moderation.

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