5 Ways to create Boho-Chic style in the time of Modernism

Boho chic is one of those interior design styles that used to be all the rage back in the 70s, then fought an uphill battle against time to be emulated in contemporary homes. These days, we don’t quite have that authentic hippie outlook, but the boho chic style has certainly been reborn into something that’s much more timeless and classic and ever trendy. Let’s take a look at how you can blend the fun coziness of the boho chic style in a modern home interior design.


1. Pick out your textures

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The boho chic aesthetic is all about the textures. From chintz to oriental, stone and plush – you name it, this style has got it. However, the modern aesthetic is much more reserved and understated, so how can you merge these two contrasting styles in a single space? Easy: you pick a common denominator. Natural textures like wood and stone are a common point in both these styles so use these to create an interesting backdrop for your space.


 2. Don’t hold back the accessorizing

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When you’re accessorizing a modern boho chic interior design, keep in mind that this is a ‘no holds barred’ area. You get to go all out as long as you remember the modern context. You can create place holdings for tall vases with dry arrangements, metallic centre pieces and other decorative accessories. Just don’t forget to pick stuff that has a modern edge.


 3. Get creative

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While damask wallpapers and Baltic chandeliers have become total overkill, you can still emulate the modern iteration of this part of the boho chic style by getting creative with the materials. Instead of wallpaper, you can opt for mixed tile patterns and instead of a typical drop chandelier, you can go for a transitional and unique light fixture.


 4. Edgy furniture

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The boho chic style has always been quite popular for its unique and distinguished furniture, so why should its modern counterpart be any different. You can select stylish retro pieces with distinct materials and upholstery. They don’t need to be fully avant-garde – just a touch of trendy angle or vibrant color can have the same impact.


 5. Patterns for the win

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Whether it’s through creative artwork, vibrant wallpapers, stylish area rugs or chintz upholstery, the boho chic style has never been shy of bold, vivacious patterns. You can emulate the same vibrancy in its modern counterpart by going for understated yet stand-out pattern designs like the Peranakan tiles and more.

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