5 Ways To Emulate The Concept Of Wabi-Sabi To Your Home Interior

Wabi-sabi is one of those eclectic home interior design concepts that feature a natural, organic design scheme with a few unconventional twists. It’s a beloved home design concept that has become globally popularized and is now beloved by many. It is derived from the Japanese ideals and literally translates to accepting transience and imperfection. So further, we’ll look at a few ways you can implement the wabi-sabi style in your interior designs.



1. Imperfection as asymmetry

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Since the core ideals of wabi-sabi dictate accepting transience and imperfection, asymmetry has become the highlight of this style. You can go for a carefully imbalanced furniture layout, and abstract ceiling design and asymmetrical shelving and cabinets to achieve this concept in your home interior designs. These are small interventions, but if done tastefully, they can definitely make your spaces look uniquely stunning.



2. Simplicity and austerity

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The idea of wabi-sabi embraces asymmetry, but it is also inherently modern. This means that the simplicity and economy of this concept have to be translated into the actual design. This can be done with the help of clean design – straight lines, crisp edges, sleek surfaces and other modern interventions that strive to keep the overall aesthetic austere by highlighting the asymmetry.




3. Natural accents

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At its heart, the idea of wabi-sabi is totally Zen, and strives to embrace a more natural side as well. This can be translated within spaces by using organic and natural finishes along with some more authentic features like small Zen gardens, planter formations and water bodies. The emphasis on natural textures are supposed to be carefully balanced out with the simplicity and modernity of the overall design.



4. Neutral color scheme

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The concept of wabi-sabi is best articulated with the help of a neutral color palate. Make sure that whatever color scheme you choose is not too bold, but not too modest either. It has to feature the perfect balance of tonal balance in order to look truly sophisticated and natural. Try to emulate natural landscape – the beach, the mountains, the cliff sides – to derive your color scheme.




5. No fuss

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Clean, simple and modest are the trifecta of visuals you’re going for with the wabi-sabi concept. You don’t need to go out of your way to ensued that everything is perfection – just keeping a casual design clean and sophisticated will also do the trick.

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