5 ways to emulate the contemporary vibe in your home!

5 ways to emulate the contemporary vibe in your home!

The concept of contemporary design is a completely static one. Since time is ever-changing, and there is a world full of ingenious designers out there, the latest contemporary aesthetics are a fleeting trend. They’re hot for a small amount of time, but if you execute them in the right way, they can be quite timeless. This would make sure you do not have to launch an extreme remodel every time a new trend pops up in the market.

The best way to emulate the contemporary in your home is to base it on a few evergreen concepts – these include a sleek modern base, some visual transparency tricks and curate your layout around the ever-loved open floor scheme then you can always tweak a few surface touches to keep up ageless contemporary vibe in any home. Arc Define studios have done just that in this project – they’ve taken a typical setting and converted it into something that will be forever easy on the eyes and simple to upgrade if you wish for it. Let’s take a close look at their design.

  • Using creative transparency

Since the small style living is quite the universal concept these days, it means that visual transparency between spaces has become an important concept. The Arc Define team has definitely taken that into consideration while creating temporary physical barriers between the spaces. The contemporary style grill separation is just the right way to create a mental-physical barrier between the spaces without compromising the character of the space.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Arc Define

  • Adequate circulation spaces

Circulation spaces are an absolute must in any small interior. While most designers do not respect the dimensions of a space over their designs, the Arc Define team has definitely appraised the context before designing the interior. Their interior layout respects the need for these circulation spaces and designs accordingly – which enhances the aesthetic and would be beneficial in the long run,

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Arc Define


  • Using temporary walls

Half or temporary walls are a good way to separate spaces without compromising the dimensions of the space. The bedroom below has been designed in a way that respects the boundaries of its space.

The layout is complemented by the half-wall that also acts as a feature media wall, enhancing the fabulousness and function of the space at the same time.

C:\Users\new tech services\Desktop\ARC DEFINE 1\11141204_945058842201744_1368381344104563949_n.jpg

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Arc Define


  • Dual purposed features

Any furniture or wall design that can be re-purposed both ways is a win-win. This contemporary visual intervention is also big on the functional scale, as it elevates both the pragmatic aspect of space and allows the user to enjoy this aesthetic to the fullest with always room for more improvement when the time comes.

C:\Users\new tech services\Desktop\ARC DEFINE 1\11173311_945058912201737_5113294624668124264_n.jpg

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Arc Define


  • Parallel layout in the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the hardest spaces to keep up with the contemporary vibe, but the Arc define team has done a wonderful and creative job by including the eat-in function in their pragmatic parallel layout kitchen. It elevates the existing aesthetic and leaves room for more addition if the user feels like it.

C:\Users\new tech services\Desktop\ARC DEFINE 1\10363639_945058992201729_4063474525732613053_n.jpg

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Arc Define

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