5 Ways To Get A Brighter Than Sunshine Home

A bright cheerful atmosphere is always an essential when you want to live an active, energetic life. If you surround yourself with a gloomy interior design, it is bound to impact your lifestyle in one way or the other. Most of the time, you do not even notice how your life and psyche are being impacted by your surroundings until it’s too late to do anything about it. So do not let yourself become used to such a living style. Further, we’ll be sharing 5 ways in which you can design interiors that are bright and cheerful – perfect for a healthy mind and living.


1. Yellow walls

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Yellow walls might seem like such a 1950’s American suburbia concept, but rest assured we’re talking about an entirely new take on this yellow wall phenomenon. Yellows are the ultimate way to bring cheer into your interior design. But you have to be very careful about choosing a specific shade; go for golden or honey yellow. Any other tint or hue may look weird.



2. Bright natural light

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If you so some research, you’ll find that spaces that have no intake of natural light automatically become gloomy and depressing. So, in order to stave off this moodiness from your surroundings, make sure to have large window portals designed on your exterior walls. They’ll let in an abundance of sunlight, which can make your spaces look decidedly more active and cheerful.



3. Using color splashes

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The idea behind creating cheerful interior designs is to keep the mind and eye engaged in the space – to not let it meander. It is easily doable even if you use splashes of vivid colors in an otherwise neutral color scheme in your homes. For example, white and browns can look cheerful enough if you know how to highlight the lesser used colors like yellows and pinks. You can use accessories and decorative objects to accomplish that.




4. Using reflection

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Did you know that white color is the ultimate light reflector? It has the ability to make brightly lit spaces seem cheerful and spacious. You can use the concept of white surfaces and reflection to create a beautiful interior design. of course you’ll have to use contrast to make look elegant, but the end result is going to be worth it!



5. Using lights

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Design 4 Space

The warm yellow glow of a rightly chosen light fixture can go a long way in making your interior spaces seem cozy but cheerful at the same time. You can even double the effect they have by selecting a fun lighting fixture to spice up the ambience even more.

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