5 ways to go for broke with classical interiors

5 ways to go for broke with classical interiors

Classical interiors tend to be extremely steadfast in their design process – they are all meant to emulate traditional to a certain degree after all, and many have come up with a preconceived formula for that aspect of design. All that has to be done is make a dictionary of all the classical elements that sit well with the contemporary aspect and apply them accordingly. This nomenclature is far from perfect, which is why you should always go for broke while designing classical interiors. Below, we will see some of the more bold interpretations of this idea and why they stand out more.

  1. A balance of rich and modern

We all know that the contemporary articulation of any classical aspect should be more toned down, but in order to go for broke you have to avoid all plug and chug strategies.  Pull out the best aspects of all the classical elements that actually attracted you to this idea and apply them heavily. You can pick and choose what is too much or vice versa later.

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  1. A contemporary iteration of classics

Another good way to go for broke with classical interiors and not make it seem like too much is by selecting the boldest ideas and giving them a modern iteration. For example, if you think that wainscoting will help make your interior stand out, but are afraid because it seems too heavily traditional and that is not what you want then ask your designers to tone it down with some contemporary aesthetic intervention.

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  1. Choosing temporary elements of design

There are a lot of ways to bring in the classic, but if you want it to last only for a finite amount of time, then choose a more temporary idea. This version of going for broke is marginally more appreciated by the general public and includes selecting the right furniture. You could choose high back and ornate furniture pieces and put them in any adequately modern space and still call it a respectable classical genre.

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  1. Emphasize of the color palate

Another fine way to bring on the classic in the best way is by focusing on a rich color palate. The interiors of ye’ old – especially the classical ones – always came in bold, rich and flamboyant color schemes. So when you’re trying on a modern interpretation of that idea, do not be afraid to go for broke with rich colors. If used right, they will certainly enhance the overall ambiance.

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  1. Traditional elements with a modern flair

Another idea that will help you keep the theme balanced but also sufficiently classic is by interpreting the traditional ideas in modern materials. For example, carrying out the poshish couch in leather format instead of the usual glittery fabric will be more stand-out but still classic enough.

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