5 ways to have fun with reflective mirrors in your home interiors

Have a small home that needs some extra visual quality? Or want to improve the aesthetics of a large space? Reflective mirrors are a great way to do both. There are a lot of ways you can implement this look in your home interiors, so let’s take a look at a few of them:


1. Feature-length cladding

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Feature-length reflective mirror cladding is a great way to embellish an accent wall. It usually takes the entirety of a wall with only a few requisite seams between the different mirror parts. These are usually installed in narrow spaces and small homes that require an extra oomph to seem spacious and interesting.


2. Corner wall cladding

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Chew Vision

A lot of Singaporean homes have corner walls that can be hard to design with proper care. Reflective mirrors are an excellent way to embellish these. Not only do they help visually maximize the space, but they also take away the sharpness of the corner spaces that may have otherwise gotten annoying. Corner walls clad in long-length mirrors can also help you reflect the beauty of your interior designs two-fold.


3. Accent wall cladding

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If you’ve got an accent wall in your home that you want to glam up, using reflective mirrors is one of the most assured ways that you can do so. You can use large feature-length claddings or even go customized with smaller cutouts mixed in with personalised carpentry. You can even create mirror collages in different patterns – rectangular slats, diamonds, squares, and more.


4. In-built carpentry cladding

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If you’ve got a full-length shelf or cupboard that is in-built into a wall, you can clad its door-leaves in mirrors instead of typical laminates. This can help you create an illusion of more space – especially around areas where circulation is narrow. Even if you furnish it heftily, the mirrors can take away some of the clutter and make it feel like your homes are bigger than they are.


5. Partition wall cladding

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Trendy partition walls – especially the ones with vertical mullions – are quite popular these days. Usually they’re finished in wood, but you can just as easily personalize them with mirror claddings. The reflective sheen can add a whole new layer of depth to the whole design. One thing to remember if you go for this idea is to make the mullions wider and thicker instead of thinner. By doing so, your partition can have more of a visual impact.


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