5 Ways To Make Your Home Look Regal

Can small spaces seem like they’re fit for royalty? While not all of us can live in the Buckingham Palace and boast of kingly titles before our names, we can still make sure that our homes can emulate a highly regal vibe. In this day and age, the classics have become modernized, and these neo-classical styles have enabled us to convert even our small homes into something straight out of a fairytale. Today, we’ll be sharing 5 ways to make your HDBs look regal and fantastic!


1. Have a few highlights

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While you cannot articulate an entire Victorian castle in a limited amount of square footage, you can still make sure to translate the highlights. For example, you can introduce some marble accents in your media wall, a backlit showcase to emphasize your accessories and even a feature-length in-built bookcase to showcase your personal library.


2. Lighting for the ages

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Yonder

Lighting is quite important while trying to make your homes look fit for royalty. While the requisite classical style elaborate chandelier is an absolute must, you can go for a bit of modernity by using backlighting in your inbuilt shelving. If that seems like too much for you, then you can even go for downlighters installed on the underbelly of the shelves.


3. Wall designs

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Yonder

While you cannot go for broke with all the wall designs like they used to in the past, you can still emulate a classic elegance by using wall beading. It’s basically the modern version of pilasters and wainscoting, and helps make the neo-classical and neo-Victorian styles look more authentic in their contemporary settings. They’re the perfect way to make your homes look regal.


4. Furniture design

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Yonder

The furniture design is an integral part of how you can make your HDB interior designs look the height of classy and elegant. While you cannot go for elaborate Victorian-inspired furniture because of too much visual clutter, you can still go for the modernized version of these pieces. The simple chest of drawers under the media wall in this image is the perfect example of this.


5. Respecting the modern lifestyle

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Yonder

While using bits and pieces of the classical aesthetic is all well and good, it is important that you respect the modern way of living. Don’t go for stuff that would hinder your lifestyle. For example, going for an enclosed kitchen or stuffy, uncomfortable furniture is a big no-no when you’re emulating this kind of aesthetic.


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