5 Ways To Make Your Homes Edgy But With Personality

If you admire the edgy appeal of the industrial style but want to emulate it in your own homes with a lot of personality, then you’re at the right place. Further, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about making an industrial style space your own:


1. Contrast with your hobbies

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There are some design elements in an industrial style home interior that are pretty mainstream – like the use of wood, exposed brick walls, etc. You can contrast these quintessential elements with something that you like in order to add contrast. For example, if your hobby is collecting gorgeous art, then put it on your walls to make a statement. If you like collecting plush toys, then feature them as part of the décor!


2. Own the space

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Another must-do while making an industrial style space your own is to do everything you can to own it! Yes, clean aesthetic and minimalism are all well and good, but you have to artfully feature your daily life essentials strategically around the space to imbue it with personality. You can even decorate with your favorite old-school paraphernalia such as themed rugs, couch cushions, etc.


3. Play with the light fixtures

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Although track lights are the primary style of light fixtures used in most industrial style interior designs, you can add some personality to such a theme by contrasting with other statement fixtures as well. These include pendant lights, wall lights, and even decorative chandeliers. You can make them the highlight of specific zones of your interior design.


4. Brighten up the moodiness

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Since the colour scheme of an industrial style home interior is mostly neutral, you’ll have to do all that you can in order to add lots of personality to it. This means a lot of subtle accenting. The best way to carry it out is by placing brightly coloured accessories and décor all around the space. You can diversify their style and finish so that they integrate well with the overall theme!


5. Make it homely

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The warehouse appeal of the industrial style may be very eye-catching, but it can be challenging to make it feel homely. You can do so by scattering your belongings artfully and strategically all over the space. Another way to do that is by installing chalk-walls and writing your favorite quotes on it. If it seems like a hassle, get a few feltboards and arrange some of your favorite quotes on them!


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