5 ways to maximize efficiency in your kitchen interiors

Kitchen interior design is always carried out in specific dimensions – you have to have a keen awareness of the standards in order to design a kitchen space that has maximum efficiency but is also sufficiently beautiful as well. For example, all designers are aware of the fact that the counter top should always be three and a half feet above ground level, or that the aisle width between two counters or even an island should be a minimum of four feet. Similarly there are also standards for ventilation that come with the local building codes. There are tiny nuances that you have to make yourself familiar with in order to make the best of your available space. Only if you know all the rules can you bend them to your will. Below, we will be looking at 5 ways to maximize efficiency in your kitchen interiors.

  1. Know how much is too much

With most kitchen designs and remodels, many people care more about the allotted cabinet space than the actual ambiance of the design. While that is all well and good, you should know that doling out too much space to the cabinets will cut off the much needed circulation area. So the first tip for maximizing kitchen efficiency would be creating a nice circulation area and then complimenting it with the right ambiance.

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  1. Selecting a purposeful layout

The layout is always key while designing an efficient kitchen space. There are many types of layouts that could be followed to maximize efficiency – these include the parallel layout, the L-shaped layout, the single counter layout and more. The kind you select would depend on the amount of space that you have.

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  1. Efficient transparency

Transparency is one of those contemporary interventions in kitchen design that many are not very fond of. So for hardcore design aficionados and those who like to keep their kitchen private, there is also a middle ground. You could showcase the bar or island area while keeping the functional part of the kitchen private. This way, the aesthetics and function could be finely balanced.

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  1. Merging spaces

A tip for those who own small kitchen spaces would be to merge functionally alike areas. Especially when you’re trying to maximize kitchen efficiency with a small amount of space, it would be best to merge your kitchen with an eat-in dining area. You can heighten the ambiance with appropriate customization of furniture and other accessories.

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  1. The open kitchen format

Some would argue that this is not the most functional layout and would certainly hinder the efficiency of a normal kitchen, but many would beg to differ. You could always carry efficiency in an open-kitchen layout by enforcing the standards and using appliances that meet the standard codes.

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