5 Ways To Merge Neo-Classical Vintage With Contemporary Design

Neo-classical, vintage and contemporary are three very different design styles. They all have an extremely juxtaposed aesthetic, and different visual impacts on the surroundings. So designing the perfect mish-mash of the three can be a challenging task. Neo-classical is a mix of traditional and modern, while vintage is all about emulating a kitsch-y vibe that appeals to the eye. Contemporary design on the other hand is all about bringing in a flamboyancy in the space but in a lowbrow way. So how do you emulate these different styles in a single interior design? Let’s find out!


1. Use different visual styles

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The very first thing you can do is find out about some of the most prominent design features of these three styles, and then find the three that complement each other the best. For example, you can have a chandelier for the neo-classical style, furniture for the vintage style, and color scheme of the contemporary style all in a single interior design to get the best merged ambiance.


2. Emphasize a single style


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When you’re working with three juxtaposed interior design schemes, the best way to get the best aesthetic is by making one of these the focal point. If one of the styles stands out in the interior design, it will be easier to anchor the rest of the design scheme around it. A great example would be choosing a focus furniture piece like sofa in the vintage style to highlight the neo-classical and contemporary aspects of the rest of the interior.





3. Using the background


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When you make one of the style a focal point of the interior, the rest automatically fade back in the background. This is why you should refrain from using eye-catching ornamentation in those particular style and choose casual designs instead. For example, if your sofa is a vintage piece with ruffles, make sure the media wall is only lowbrow neo-classical.


4. Using accessories


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When three different styles are warring for attention in the same interior, it is favorable to use at least one of them in stringent moderation. So if you’re emphasizing the vintage and neo-classical themes through design, it would be great to bring in the contemporary through some small accessories placed sporadically throughout the interior.



5. Using distinctive visuals


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If the space is small and the visuals are strong, then you should use distinctive visuals with a neutral color scheme. This would create a soothing ambiance that will  not seem overly opulent or overwhelming.

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