5 Ways To Ramp Up Style With Neo-Victorian

Do you ever feel like your home is too shabby for today’s décor standards? No worries! We’re going to tell you things which you can do to bring in that upscale, sophisticate vibe in your homes.

We are going to show you the neo-Victorian interior design style which is the modern interpretation of the classical Victorian style. It have a ritzy upscale vibe which can make any home interior look absolutely ravishing and glamorous! Since the roots of this style are based on classical designs, there may be a little bit of traditional touch in the mix; but that only makes this style swankier.


In this article, let’s look at 5 ways you can ramp up the style of your home with neo-Victorian interiors!


1. Tufting and glitz

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You should understand that the neo-Victorian style is very grand and opulent. So it features a very rich color scheme. Gold is one of the basic colors that define its material palate. You’ll always find something of this color in such an interior design. Another major design feature you’ll find in this style is ‘tufting.’ It can be either headboards or even entire media walls. This adds to the royal vibe of the interior.



2. Luxurious furniture

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Luxuries furniture is always a must to get an upscale ambiance in your home interiors. You’ll find that neo-Victorian style comes with various contemporary flourishes but still manages to look traditional. This fun blend of modern and traditional always adds a unique flavor to every interior design, which definitely makes a bold impression on both guest and users!



3. Traditional patterns

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Neo-Victorian interiors feature some interesting embellishments! There are patterned objects and furniture placed strategically throughout the space. Sometimes, there are even laser cut screens in the mix, which adds to the uniqueness of this style. These decorations always make this style look extremely interesting and high-end.



4. Elaborate lighting fixtures

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Lighting fixtures can make all the difference in the world when it comes to highlighting interiors. Neo-Victorian interior designs feature some elaborate lighting fixtures like delicate wall lamps and chandeliers. They make the space look very grand and expensive with a dash of luxurious. You’ll also have fun selecting them from the market!



5. Rich colors and fabrics

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  ID Department 

You have to use rich colors and fabrics in order for your overall design to look wholesome and effective. Fabrics with vivid and bold colors pack quite a visual punch when used correctly. So you should always use luxurious looking fabrics for your upholstery, tufting and even bed spreads!

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