5 ways your interior renovation might go wrong

Interior renovations are beastly ventures – they might seem like a small, do-able and even a fun move on the surface but don’t be fooled; they take a lot of time, money and patience. Plus there is always the off-chance that you might hit a few bumps in the road during this process. Although these are far and few in-between – and unless you’re especially unlucky – your renovation will go smoothly. However it is best to know all the ways it might go wrong to prepare for all relevant contingency plans. So today, we will share 6 ways that your interior renovation might go wrong.


1. Busting your budget

Budgeting is the most important part of the remodel. Without proper estimates, you cannot go forward with anything. You have to a lot a specific amount of money for each and everything – including labor, consultancy, finishes, materials and accessorizing in order to actually move forward with the actual design process. So when you bust your budget or go out of your league, you end up with a lagging project timeline that costs you a pretty penny.

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2. Going for customized works

Customized anything in your interior design is a step toward high-end design. For example, if you start to demand a customized furniture set from the designers instead of shopping for the right one in the market, it will definitely cost you a lot. Plus most of the time, the look in your mind is not what actually comes out in reality, so doing that is also a solid gamble – one that it’s better not to take.

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3. Splurging

Once you start splurging on things that you do not need, it’s probably game over on the spot. For example, if you start going for in-built customizations inside of already designed objects like kitchen cabinets, then you’re back to busting your budget – which will cause more problems with the overall renovation.

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4. Structural renovation

Structural renovations are the ones where you tear down load bearing walls in order to create more space. This means you will have to invest in solid beams to stabilize your structure, which will certainly cause a few hiccups in your renovation budget as well as the timeline.

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5. Indecision

This is one of the worst causes of renovation set-backs. Mostly, what happens is that the client suddenly decides in the middle of the ongoing renovation that they want something else – which brings the entire process to a halt. This middling indecision can cost you a lot of money, headache and time so always be decisive about what you want.

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