5 Wonderful Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Tiny homes and apartments are the new raging trend, and open floor concepts is the new way of living. But here’s the hiccup – there are many spaces in our modern homes that have been merged into one, but the kitchen is not one of them.

Cooking may not be a solitary practice, but it is still dexterous work. A kitchen needs to be designed in an efficient manner without giving up on the aesthetics. So how can we make the small kitchens in our smaller homes feature the best of both worlds? Let’s find out!


1. Take it to the ceiling

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Conventional kitchen cabinets are not very tall. They stop somewhere around a foot or two below the actual ceiling height, so that space becomes quite redundant. To make the most of your small kitchen, you can take your cabinets all the way up to the ceiling. It will give you extra storage space and spice up the overall looks in the process.




2. Playing with unconventional layouts

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 If your space is small, then do not be afraid to play a little with the layout. Your kitchen does not have to be open, and neither does it have to follow a conventional layout like the L-shape or the U-shape. Instead, it can be a combination of both of these layout to maximize efficiency and make it unique. This hack can also give you extra leeway to introduce some interventions like built-in appliances even in a small space.




3. Floor to ceiling

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Our minds have been conditioned by years and years of basic kitchen designing to understand that the counters can only be designed a certain way. The truth is, they can be designed in any way you see fit! You can even have a partial floor-to-ceiling pantry in the corner instead of the regular old spaced out counter. You can even embellish it with innovative lighting techniques.



4. Lighter finishes

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When your kitchen is small, then its best to go with lighter material finishes and color scheme. This will add an illusory spaciousness to your kitchen design that will make it feel comfortable to be in. this can also give your interior design a sleek, modern look that is extremely appreciated in context of overall design and aesthetic.



5. Bring in the futurism

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Forefront Interior

When you design your small kitchen in a futuristic aesthetic, you’ll find that it lends a strict credibility to the space. Your kitchen automatically starts looking very efficient, and if you can go the extra mile and go for built-in appliances, then you can certainly make the most of your space for both pragmatics as well as aesthetics.

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