6 Bohemian interior design ideas If you are considering interior design style for your office or home and you want to think out of the box, then you can draw some inspiration from Bohemian interior design ideas. These are out of the norm and do not follow any scripted or rigid interior design style. Although, these rules aren’t governed by any strict rules, you can consider few suggestions and guidelines for implementation of the style. The best thing about incorporating Bohemian interior design style is that you have the liberty to make adjustments in the style to suit your personality, taste and unique style. 1. The Gypsy Look The word Bohemian has been from a very long time and has been used to signify non-traditional lifestyle of vagabonds and wanderers. Their style of living unconventionally and love for travel reflects truly from Bohemian inspired interior design themes. Randomness and bright colors truly define any interior based on Bohemian interiors concept. Source: Image Creative 2. Incorporate designs that stand out from the rest In order to have a Bohemian themed interior, you need to include elements from your own personality. If you don’t have any interest for the traditional interior design elements, then you can draw some inspiration from the Bohemian themes and blend your own choices to create a unique theme that truly reflects your personality. Source: Fifth Avenue 3. Keep it random If you are under the assumption that you can give a totally organized, neat, nice, symmetrical foundation and streamlined look for your accessories and furnishings in a Bohemian inspired setting, then you are entirely wrong. A Bohemian inspired interior setting reflects randomness which is quite opposite to the conventional interior design themes. This makes this style stand out amongst the rest. Source: Juz Interior 4. Don’t hold back from using anything Use your creativity to the max and do not hold back from using accessories and objects. In Bohemian inspired interiors, more is more. Jump right into shopping for paintings, souvenirs, artwork, photos, candles and any eclectic thing you can put your hands on. Pile on things that you desire and the things that bring you joy. Source: Juz Interior 5. No bare spaces Bohemian interior settings have no room for bare spaces. Fill in any empty corner. Don’t leave any bare spot on the wall. If your furniture is naked, use throws. If your walls are bare, then consider adding artworks on them. Hunt for hidden treasures in your attic and give them a suitable space. Utilize things you can instead of stacking them in a closed space. Bring them out and let them add colors in your living space. Bring out all the things that you have collected them during your trips or shopped from a flea market. They aren’t meant to be thrown in the attic. Bring them out in open and use them creatively. This is what Bohemian interior design setting calls for. Source: Le Reve Creation 6. Have a fun setting that has a story of its own What is fun in copying styles dictated by designers? Have your own story to tell to your visitors. This is the central theme of Bohemian theme inspired interiors. Do you still have a furniture set that your grandma used to have? Bring it out in open and arrange in a creative fashion in your living room. Do you have a sofa that you’ve been using since your college days? Why hide? Bring it out in open. Incorporate all the elements that have a story or that reflect your personality. Source: Renoloft Source: Renoloft A Bohemian inspired setting asks you to choose styles that reflect your true personality. There isn’t any need to focus on lamps or the accessories aligned neatly. There isn’t rule that dictates that you need to ensure that your sofa matches with your window blinding. This is the essence of your Bohemian inspired interior setting.

6 Bohemian interior design ideas

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