6 Bizarre, Bold & Beautiful Ornaments to Lighten Up Your Decor

Artful Accessories: 6 Bizarre, Bold & Beautiful Ornaments to Lighten Up Your Decor

The purpose of most accessories is ornamental rather than functional. Although they play a minor role in our day-to-day lives, their use in interior design is absolutely critical.

Accessories are what give a home it's identity through colour, form, texture, and cohesion with their surrounding environment. Every home has walls and furniture and appliances, but what sets them apart is how unique their non-essential items are and how we employ them.

Let's explore 6 unique accessories and how they bring out the essence of their homes.

1. Industrial Irony

image002 image004

In this example the artificial tree stands out more than any other item in the room. Though it's purely decorative, it compliments the wooden tones, textures and materials of the apartment.

However, what makes it extraordinary is the irony it represents: here we have a synthetic tree, without leaves or any greenery, “growing” in an industrial-themed apartment. And positioning it next to the wide-open doors (which offer a view of the pale city beyond) just adds to the irony.

Such clever use of ornaments not only makes a political and artistic statement, but also helps to preserve the aesthetic flow of the room by matching it with the colors and materials already present.

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Meter Square)

2. Every Fanboy's Dream

image005 image007

For some, interior design is about class and sophistication; for others it's all about fun and entertainment, surrounding yourself with what you love.

While this next example is not for everyone, it's certainly a dream come true for every Star Wars fan.

Brazen and visually overstimulating, the graffiti, figurines, and skateboards mounted on the walls and ceiling all combine to make this home truly one of a kind.

Instead of cohesion, the jarring contrast between the colourful art/accessories against the elegant dinner table creates a daring juxtaposition.

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Icon Interior Design)

3. Attention Grabbers


In an apartment of soft, muted colours, these vibrant accessories immediately grab our attention.

At first glance they don't seem to have any purpose beyond the aesthetic, but they do succeed at making the home more cheerful through their use of primary colours.

Of course, these ornaments are more suited to modern interiors due to their eclectic appearance and colour, but when used artfully they can make the most hum-drum and boring apartments seem festive and welcoming.

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Dan's Workshop Pte Ltd)

4. Simply Audacious


A bold colour choice is one thing. But this next instance shows us something quite outrageous: a decorative item which is actually the room's primary focus rather than just a secondary ornament.

It's big. It's brazen. And it's colourful. Though seemingly without purpose or function, this large house
within a house certainly demands (and gets) our attention. This is a perfect example of how something purely aesthetic can define a home and become its center instead of existing on its margins.

Whether it appeals to your taste or not, such an audacious accessory makes this room utterly unique.

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: MM Builder And Design)

5. Stairway to Heaven


One of the most undervalued spaces in a home would be the staircase. Usually you'll find a few framed photographs or a piece of art hanging from the walls—nothing really original or noteworthy.

However, this next example reveals the creative opportunities which staircases offer. Here, the glittering red and white discs suspended from the ceiling would draw the eye of anyone who walks up and down those steps.

The ornament's colours shimmer brilliantly like a disco-ball and are also reflected on the glass rails, further intensifying their visual magic.

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Rezt & Relax Interior)

6. Ornamental Abundance

image015 image018

This home is defined more by its individual accessories than any single prevailing theme or colour.

Ambitiously eclectic, the decor works because every ornament is properly spaced out and not cluttered together. There's nothing to grab our focus and keep it locked because no one thing stands out above the rest, with each accessory (whether it's the dog, over-sized coin, red bust or imaginative seats) causing our eye to ceaselessly wander from one item to the next.

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent)

Accessories and ornaments may not be the most important part of the home. Sometimes their presence is nothing more than an element of style, and that style can be subtle and understated, bold and visually over-stimulating, or artful and clever.

But any home with a unique identity needs to use accessories to distinguish itself, as these 6 have.


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