6 Interior Design Ideas For A Combined Dining & Living Room

Building separate living and dining rooms are so outdated. People are now opting for combined dining and living areas for their modern home instead of building different sections.  It is a great way to save space and money it is also an easy way to amp up the interior of the home.

Combined dining and living rooms are where friends, as well as family, come together to relax, unwind and indulge in delicious food along with plenty of interesting chat. Therefore, getting the right interior design and the atmosphere is a key to make dining rooms either connected to the living room.

Are you looking for the latest interior design ideas that fit your combined living and dining rooms?

If yes, then we are here to help you. Here are the six amazing ideas of interior design that you can use to make your living room come dining area unique and stylish.


1. Go for White Table, Chairs And Ceiling

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rezt n Relax

One of the best interior design that can never go wrong for any space is going for white things.  White paint, dining table, and chairs will miraculously make space look larger and calm.  Simple white table with dark upholstery in the combined area can help you achieve the modern look. Moreover, you can op different colors for throw pillows, and art pieces in the area as all these will complement the white tone of your room.


2. Create Perfect Lighting For Romantic Feel

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Vitas Design

Choose a perfect light fitting that suits every proportion of your dining table and living area.  Hang the soft light low will create a more intimate and romantic atmosphere while picking curtains in the same shade of floor will accentuate the light in your space as a feature.


3. Keep Dining Table Near To The Large Window

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent

To add more charm in the space when you have your living room and dining area combined, set up one floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and place your dining table near that large window. This will allows natural light in the room and will also give you the best feel while sharing the meal by watching the world outside.


4. Decorate The Walls With Art Pieces

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Rezt n Relax

Use colorful wall painting to cover the walls in your combined dining and living area. This little addition of art pieces will change the look of an otherwise formal living room space in your home.


5. Adjust the Contrast In Your Space Carefully

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Free Space Intent

To give your home space a trendy look, match the colors in the living and dining area carefully. You can go for grey shade for the wall, upholstery and centre table. Break up the density with monochromatic throw pillows wall pattern in front of the dining table and white wall paint.  These things will instantly fresh the mood as well as feel of your loving area in the home.


6. Use Rugs To Define The Space

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Noble Interior design

To visually set apart the sitting area in the middle of the room, chose a soft rug larger than the couch. The matching carpet under the feet of the sofa will enhance the look of combined living and dining room. Also, this will define the sitting space in style.

Wrapping Up

Give your home a modern touch with a combined living and dining room. For the best home design, you can take an idea from the images above.

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