6 interiors that redefine transparency

6 interiors that redefine transparency

Transparency is slowly but surely becoming a salient feature of contemporary interior design genre. Not only does it opens up the visual constraints of a design, but it can also make the space seem a bit more spacious than it actually is. These illusive qualities are what is making this aspect trend in home interiors across the globe. Today we will be looking at 6 interiors that have redefined the typical transparency genre.

  1. The glass wall partition

If having the style and use of furniture being the psychological barrier between the spaces of your open floor home is not cutting it for you, the glass wall partition scheme is just for you. It can reinforce the element of transparency while keeping the psychological barriers of space segregation intact. The interior below is the perfect representation of the glass wall phenomenon.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: 3D Innovations

  1. Elongated

To many times, especially in an apartment setting, the space is deliberately designed in an elongated fashion. This is specifically helpful for an open floor plan design, which enables the element of transparency to unfold within the space manipulation. More often than not, the extreme ends of this elongated space contain the living room at one end, and the kitchen at the other with the dining space in between, so you have an uninterrupted view of the flow within the plan.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Weiken.com Interior Design | Singapore

  1. Vertical Pergolas

This wooden ribs came into fashion a long time ago and have stayed in the genre ever since. They are a good design element to reinforce transparency as they can lend an aura of credibility to the accosted design concept. The number of ribs in any given situation can determine how and when the transparency takes into effect.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:  Weiken.com Interior Design | Singapore

  1. Low height

Another way to allow for space segregation, but keep the element of transparency into check is by using low height furniture pieces in between. The image below shows just how it can be done in a respectful manner within context of a given theme.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image SourceUnity Interior Design Pte Ltd

  1. Color an materials

If you want to create a visual tunnel within the flow of a design to enhance the element of transparency, then you should definitely focus on the color and material palates. In the interior below, you can observe how beautifully the white color palate has merged with the materials to enhance the transparency.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source:Unity Interior Design Pte Ltd

  1. Windows

Maybe one of the more conventional ways, windows are a timeless way to open up the insides and outside to each other and create a dual transparency within the interior and exteriors of any home. In the interior below, the soft glow of natural light has become an inherent part of the interior, while making the insides just as integral a part of the exterior.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Briey Interior


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