6 kitchens to inspire your inner home chef

6 kitchens to inspire your inner home chef

The kitchen is a home essential and its interior matters very much when it comes the overall aesthetic and ambiance of your home. However, if you’re a home chef then it is not only the aesthetic or the ambiance that matters the most. Designing a kitchen for a home chef is a dichotomous effort because you’d have to include some aspects of the commercial kitchen within the bounds of residential space to properly emulate the functionality. It requires a great amount of finesse to imbue both the requisite amount of pragmatism and aesthetics within a limited amount of space. Below, we’ll be looking at some ways that you can incorporate both in the same design to inspire your inner home chef.

  1. A good layout

Kitchens are all about designing that perfect layout that will appeal to the aesthetics while still be functional enough to carry out the right cooking process. There are a number of layout alternatives – Parallel, L-Shaped, U-shaped and even G-Shaped – but in the end, it is the choice of the home chef that matters the most. You have to design a layout that will suit the techniques and style of the home chef in order to match an efficient functionality.

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  1. To display or not to display?

One of the foremost functional counterparts to a good aesthetic involve a proper display for the appliances. These also depend on the canny choices of the home chef. They may prefer a full-scale oven range or a professional grade espresso display or nothing at all. Whatever they choose to have at hand needs to be an inherent part of the aesthetic.

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  1. The work triangle

This is the basis for an efficient functional layout for any kitchen. The work triangle is a figurative layout that links the sink, the stove and the refrigerator in a triangular fashion to increase efficiency. You have to make sure that the layout incorporates this triangle for successful functional apsects.

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  1. Hanging vs. storing

The eternal dilemma of a contemporary home chef – to store away the essentials or just hang them for easy access. Both have some pros and cons of their own, but the final decision will depend on the cooking style and preference of the home chef.

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  1. Lighting

There is a fine line between functional and ambient lighting. A good kitchen design will have both, but the placement and functionality of all the spaces needs to be carefully considered before deciding on the plan.

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  1. Eating in vs. Eating out

An in-kitchen eating space can be a good replacement for the requisite island or even the formal dining area. It all depends on the amount of space you have, the most efficient layout you can design and the lifestyle of the home chef.

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