6 must-know tips for going modern

6 must-know tips for going modern

Modern design is perhaps the most misunderstood genre of interior design. Even when someone knows the specifics of this style, it is difficult for a layman to apply. So today we will tell you 6 tips for going truly modern.

  1. Accept the minimalism

One of the foremost concepts of the modernism ideology is to do away with the clutter – especially the visual one. Frou frou accoutrements in any formation defies the salient features of the modern genre. So stay away from unnecessary accessorization and focus on the very bare bones of the design. You can always add some texture and accentuate through natural light, but in the end, anything more than that would be taking away from the concept of modernization itself.

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  1. A focus on materials

Back when the theory of modernization was actually conceived, it stated in the rules that all the actual materials used in the construction would be cared for all to see, and no outside coat would be applied. It was only later, in the era of F. L. Wright that the edgy lines of contemporary modern were defined by aesthetical cladding. Similar is the case these days; modern interiors are cladded by materials like high gloss and appropriate laminates, and are accessorized by mood lighting.

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  1. Small style modern

The contemporary modern of today avoid being too bereft. That means that accessorization is a must, but in a neat, understated sort of way. Small style modern focuses on mainstream interior aspects such as proper furniture, media walls and shelving. As you can see in the image below, they all work in straight lines and have a rather neat nature.

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  1. Highlighting the lines

Modern design focuses on application and design of neat, straightforward lines that are quite simple, if not completely ordinary. Contemporary modern design, however, does not leave the design incomplete. Each and every line of a modern interior in the contemporary genre is cut to light and highlighted in a way that makes it seem extraordinary. If you look closely at the interior below, you will notice that this bedroom is a forgery of straight laced lines designed to perfection, and then highlighted by proper material and lighting accents.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Ideal Design Interior Pte Ltd

  1. A futuristic look

The modern interior design scheme of today strives to set itself apart from its old school application and does that by using contemporary materials that stand out against normal surroundings. The resulting ambiance is something wild, contemporary and modern all at once.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Ideal Design Interior Pte Ltd

  1. Straight laced

When in doubt about the specifics of modernism, go with simple. The simplest of all formations in any interior tend to give of a distinctly modern vibe. Straight lines in the design are the epitome of modern. However, you can always compensate that simplicity within the décor and accessorization of the scheme.

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