6 Things To Ask Yourself Before Opting For An Open Floor Plan

Open floor plans have been trending across the design market pretty heavily these days. The main reason for this is because the viable real estate is shrinking, and people have been coming up with creative ways to design their small homes in trendier ways.

Studio apartments are becoming the norm and it is becoming easier to mimic this phenomenon with the latest advancement and innovation in the design and construction world. So, while necessity has been the leading mater of this particular home design invention, it is now becoming a veritable contemporary trend.

Here we are going to touch upon a few questions which you should ask yourself before opting for an open floor plan, let’s check them out!


1) Structural details


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When you go from wall-to-wall planning for a full scale open plan, walls would have to be torn down during the renovation. This will definitely call for some structural reevaluation. Many of the walls in a regular layout are load-bearing, which means tearing them down could cause a major collapse. So while you’re thinking about going for the trendy and upscale open floor plan scheme, you will have to carefully hash out all the structural details with a professional in order for it to work.


2) Paneling’s and their impact on aesthetic



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When you tear down the walls to gain that spacious aesthetic, you will have to go for paneling as your go-to aesthetic. You can use wood paneling on the lower half of all your standing walls, or go for other, craftier inventions like floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in order to get the desired results. So before investing in an open-floor plan, think about if this kind of aesthetic would suit your taste.



3) Functional Z ones



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When you have an open floor plan, you will have to create psychological divisions between all the open and visually linked spaces. You will have to do that by creating major functional zones like the living area, dining area and kitchen area within the same space by using different variations of the same aesthetic. So ask yourself if you will be able to live with that kind of visual transparency.



4) Can You Work With Visual Dissonance?


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While differentiating between the spaces of an open floor plan by using various colors, materials and different styles, you will end up with an interior that comes off as visually dissonant. This kind of an aesthetic is extremely stylish, but also an acquired taste. So you will have to decide if you can live in that kind of a space or not.



5) Directing towards the vistas


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Lastly, if you have decided that you are, in fact going to go for an open floor plan, then it is important that you ask which ways you would like your interiors to face. All the major openings will have to open that way, and this would be the direction your entire open floor layout would be set up in.

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