6 Tips To Make An Open-Concept Kitchen Work For Your Home

With the rise of the open-concept theme trend, there is no better time to redesign your cooking area in style. Whether your space is big or small, an open-concept kitchen design makes every cooking area look bigger and stylish. Plus, it allows you to cook while having interaction with other members of your family.

Are you wondering about how to make open kitchen work for your home? If yes, then here are six tips for you. Have a look!


1. Keep The Dining Area Near Cooking Space

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One of the best advantages of having an open-concept kitchen is that serving meals becomes easy and convenient.  So, design the kitchen for your convenience by locating the dining table near your kitchen. The open plain white layout of the cooking space is also great for your entertainment as it allows you to interact with other family members while cooking up meals.


2. Cut Out Clutter With More Storage

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The open-concept kitchen means no partition, therefore storage spaces become crucial. To clear up the clutter, you can have a kitchen space full of cabinets. Upper, as well as lower cabinets, will help you store everything in place and make your cooking area clean and calm.

Floor-to-ceiling white cabinets maximize the storage space while giving the impression of a bigger kitchen. Plus, you can easily find anything you want when storing items properly in your kitchen. For more clean and calm space, use white for kitchen cabinets, floor, and ceiling.


3. Functional Partitions

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If you would like to create partition while still maintaining the open-concept theme, opt for a small island or a bar table. Not only does it help divide the space, it is also multi-purpose in serving as a dining table.


4. Go For Glass Dividers

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Yang's Inspiration Design

If cooking smells makes feel uncomfortable to any member in your family, you can use glass divider to separate the area from rest of your home. Glass walls block off the smell while giving you the feel of open kitchen as you can see other parts of your house while cooking Also, glass divider is a classy option that retains the sense of spaciousness open space.


5. Match Your Kitchen With The Rest Of Your Home

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Forefront Interior

If you don’t want to make your kitchen look disjoint from the rest of your home, then use the same hues and style for a kitchen that matches every room. To match your cooking space with overall interior design, use white color coordination. Here, the white and black accents in the kitchen will match perfectly to the light interior.


6. Work On Smooth Pathways

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

Map out the open route to make the smooth pathways in the kitchen. The best way to do is to go for an L-shaped kitchen as in this, and you have enough space to move around while cooking. Take inspiration from the above image.


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