6 uniquely impressive furniture pieces

6 uniquely impressive furniture pieces

Furniture is an intrinsic part of any good interior design. Most of the time, it follows the style or theme around which the interior is being designed, but sometimes it can be designed in a contrasting fashion to provide a creative juxtaposition within the interior scheme. Furniture pieces are a great combination of function and aesthetics. Almost all furniture is designed with pragmatic logistics in mind. Some may be redundant but that is few and far between. Today we will be looking at 6 uniquely impressive furniture pieces that might end up inspiring you.

  1. The retro media wall

Retro is all about taking inspiration from the past, and what better than to merge the contemporary technological advancement of all media wall accessories with an old-school design. This visual juxtaposition is not only dynamic but also very interesting. This kind of contrast would work the best in an industrial style interior, which appreciates barebones and creative natural textures.

C:\Users\new tech services\Desktop\Scandustrial-Apartment-3.jpg

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Design 4 Space

2. The round table of nature

Most contemporary table designs are all about a sleek, functional table top with fashionable foundations. This table, however, takes inspiration from nature and tries to emulate all the different shades of wood in its single table top. The design is unique and organic, with a firm handle on what its visual output wants to be. This table would be a great addition to any rustic, contemporary or even an industrial style interior design.

C:\Users\new tech services\Desktop\scandustrial-home-9.jpg

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Icon Interior

3. Single seat couch

These usually come in more defined and inspired patterns in the contemporary market, but rarely are they an accompaniment to the actual centerpiece three-seater these days. The single-seater in the image below is one of a kind in the contemporary market. Its style is that of a classical one-seater sofa with an upholstery and cushions that are decidedly contemporary in design. The overall combination is neat and inspiring.

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Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Fuse Concept

4. The all natural dining table

This all wooden dining table has such a unique texture that it is hard not to fall in love with its organic scheme. The design is all contemporary curves and mild steel base but the top is so rustic and natural that the entire design falls somewhere between the two schemes.

C:\Users\new tech services\Desktop\Scandustrial-Interior-Design-3.jpg

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Hue Concept

5. The vintage

This lovely vintage style chair emulates a midcentury modern vibe. Its beige sitting space along with a small stature makes the overall visuals fat but also alluring to the eye. It is a carefully constructed design that defies convention – a good addition in specific themed interiors.

C:\Users\new tech services\Desktop\Scandinavian-Interior-Design-7.jpg

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Icon Interior

6. The poled media wall

Media walls are usually solid wood phenomenon. However, this avant-garde design follows a unique trends and has a decidedly see-through countenance. The idea is unique and idiosyncratic and will definitely catch up in the market soon.

C:\Users\new tech services\Desktop\Scandinavian-Interior-Design-3.jpg

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Icon Interior

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