7 Beautiful Benches To Enhance & Amplify Your Decor

7 Beautiful Benches To Enhance & Amplify Your Decor

When people think of benches they usually associate them with public spaces such as parks and train stations.  True, the essence of such furniture is communal seating, but that's what makes them a perfect addition to any home.

Far from the ragged, weather-beaten benches found at your local bus terminal, the following examples showcase these pieces of furniture at their absolute finest.

On display will be their nuanced textures, patterns, and materials, but above all their ability to bring people together in a social and friendly atmosphere.

 1) Dinner Delights

benches (2) benches (3)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Sky Creation)

There's probably no part of the home more conducive to conversation than the dinner table.  Whether it's with friends or family, you remain fixed in one place and seated close to others for an extended period.

Here, a bench is ideal for such social gatherings, giving this home a warm and cordial atmosphere by allowing multiple occupants to intimately share a single piece of furniture.  The use of natural wood adds to the cheerful ambiance while the mix of individual chairs with a communal bench creates a unique balance between formal and informal.

2) An Intimate Affair

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(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source: Brick & Mortar Interiors)

Not every bench has to be long.  This one aims for a more intimate experience through being short, and having it backed up against a wall magnifies the feeling of coziness.

The rich wooden texture compliments the surrounding materials along with its simplicity of design.

3) Colourful & Contemporary

benches (6)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source:  Versaform)

A modern interior requires modern furnishings.  Here, the bench's use of steel conforms to the metallic chairs and table legs, while its plaid patterning is visually echoed by the blues and light grays of the apartment.

What results is a bright, cheerful piece of furniture that's both functional and aesthetically in tune with its environment.

 4) Natural Charms

benches (7)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source:  Luxespace Interior

When it comes to adding a sense of luxury to your home few materials are more evocative than wood.

Here, the smooth finish and natural grains of the wooden bench exude sophistication, a certain understated elegance that keeps this age-old material forever in vogue.

What sets this bench apart, however, is its form: it appears more like a storage compartment than a furniture item, but nevertheless succeeds at capturing our attention and admiration.

5) A Day At The Park

benches (8) benches (9)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source:  Project File)

Nothing says park like this bench and table combo.  The thick slabs of wood for the tops and legs immediately bring to mind family picnics and barbecues, a table-top littered with food crumbs and used napkins.

Fun, family, sunshine and food—this home takes those classic outdoor experiences and brings them inside, and it achieves that goal through a bench and table combination.

6) Creative Commons

benches (10)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source:  WT+A Interiors

Far from the smooth and simple surfaces which typify most benches, here we see the artistic potential of this common seating furniture.

Grooves, ridges and emboss are used to distinguish this bench from the relative plainness of surrounding decor, capturing our gaze at first glance and highlighting the creative side of benches and not just their utilitarian purpose.

And due to its considerable length, it can seat several occupants and help inspire conversations.

7) Size Doesn't Matter

benches (11) benches (1)

(Interior Design Singapore, Home Renovation Singapore Image  Source:  Icon Interior Design)

So far we've looked at benches which accommodate multiple people, but this example takes a piece of communal furniture and adapts it towards the individual.

Big enough to only seat one (or two if you really squeeze in—perfect for couples) this tiny bench is wonderfully suited to those who want a place to read, relax or enjoy a meal.  Its close proximity to the sofa allows for easy conversation while being able to retain your own personal space.

In addition to this unique balance between private and social space, the use of lustrous wood harmonizes flawlessly with the gleaming floors and other natural furniture items.

Clean, simple and cohesive, this tiny bench exhibits many fine qualities that set it apart.

The examples above vividly demonstrate that benches are far from the ugly eyesores we often find at public venues such as parks and bus terminals.  In fact, they take the best parts of the outside world—the spirit of community spaces and socializing with others—and bring them inside the home.

By using materials, patterns and textures which enrich the look of a home, the most remarkable benches combine utility with unmatched aesthetics.



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