7 fundamentals of Scandinavian style interior design

The Scandinavian style is the sum of its small but important counterparts. It is simple, modern and almost minimalistic. The Scandinavian style focuses on all the basic elements of a straightforward interior design, and strives to be an inspiration in Zen design. This style of interior design is composed of some individual parts that need to be understood in order to get the best interior result. Below we will be looking at all the parts that make the Scandinavian style a holistic venture.

  1. Natural light

One of the most important feature in any interior, natural light is even more important in a Scandinavian style interior. Most of the interiors designed in this style have large windows or portals that not only let in an ample amount of light but also offer great views to the outside. This allows for a more reflective and wholesome interior.

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  1. Muted colors

Scandinavian style is focused on a muted color scheme. This goes in tandem with its Zen ideology. These muted colors are designed and spread around in a way that gives off a neat, sophisticated vibe within the interior space. The overall impact of these muted colors along with ample natural light makes for a decidedly spacious interior inset.




  1. Simple furniture

The Scandinavian style is comprised of simple furniture settings. This is mostly because of the overall simple aesthetic that the Scandinavian style is designed around. The furniture may be contemporary in nature, but it should not be upholstered by rich, ornate fabrics, and must adhere to the simplicity of the overall design.

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  1. Materials

The Scandinavian style is a Zen design by nature and so, it emulates that taste through its straightforward ambiance. This is in part carried out through specifically chosen materials such as wood. Its natural countenance is complementary to the design and aesthetic of a Scandinavian style setting.

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  1. Wooden flooring

Most Scandinavian style interiors are laid out with wooden floors. This has become such an inherent tradition of applying the Scandinavian style that no one questions its legitimacy anymore. Note that even within wood genres, the Scandinavian style uses light shades such as oak wood or ash wood.




  1. Straight lines

The Scandinavian style tries to emulate a modern aesthetic, and does so by incorporating straight-lined as well as straightforward designs. There are no frou-frou accoutrements; just clean designs that give off a fresh but basic vibe.

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  1. Functional layout

Scandinavian style is all about amalgamating the best of function and aesthetic; so the layout for this kind of an interior is always leaning on the functional side with a dash of simple accessorizing.

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