7 tips to select the perfect bathroom vanity

7 tips to select the perfect bathroom vanity

The vanity is, more often than not a glorified centerpiece for any bathroom. This means that selecting the perfect one is the utmost priority when it comes to designing that perfect bathroom interior. There are several varieties of vanities available in the market, and choosing the perfect one depends on the taste of the client, along with the kind of ambiance you’re aiming to design the bathroom around. Below, we will be sharing some tips to select the perfect bathroom vanity.

  1. The double beige vanity set

The double vanity is more often than not used in large, master bathrooms – especially for couples. When you go about choosing the double vanity, the first thing to look out for is the style of the sink – if you want a deep one, elongated one, or a simple one. Another thing to look at is the mirror – if you want a double, or a single, and most importantly, which one would look better in the bathroom as a whole.

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  1. The side vault vanity

This one is a contemporary innovation. This kind of vanity comes with an open cabinet of its very own. It completely depends whether you want that cabinet to be open or closed, but the overall impact needs to go along with the rest of the bathroom interior scheme.

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  1. The simple bowl vanity

One of the most common vanity designs in the market; this one looks best in a small style bathroom. This vanity design is universal but stylish at the same time – of the customer favorites. Available in several colors, this vanity can also be customized to fit the size and style of the bathroom itself.

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  1. The elongated vanity

This kind of vanity is best for a small, narrow bathroom where space constraint is a big issue. The naturally compact design of the sink allows for creative design around the rest of the bathroom.

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  1. The retro vanity

Shaped like a Hershey’s Kiss, this sink is the epitome of customized design. The creatively designed bench below completely complements the physique and stature of the sink, while creating a very distinct and unique ambiance in the overall bathroom design. The accompanying mirror, with its corrugated edges reinforces the concept of the final deisgn.

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Posh Home – Live in Style


  1. Straight edged vanity

This kind of vanity looks best in a corner setting. The overall design is chic and elegant with a dash of stylish. The simple, straight lines along with the clever lighting makes for a simple but beautiful design that can be easily customized for any kind of a bathroom.

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