7 Utterly Unique & Brilliant Bedrooms

7 Utterly Unique & Brilliant Bedrooms

The purpose of this article isn't simply to explore beautiful and luxurious bedrooms, but ones that are truly remarkable and extraordinary.  We'll discover what makes them so unique by investigating such diverse factors as colour, texture, materials, lighting and any other elements which help them stand out from the crowd.

While many of us value beauty and sophistication in a home, the following examples prioritize the rare and unusual, so let's look at what makes these interiors so compelling.

1) Material Mash-Up

Bedroom (2)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Versaform)

With such a bizarre combination of elements it's easy to see why this bedroom stands out.

The use of murky gray walls resembling concrete set against the richly organic tones of the wooden floor creates a stark contrast of both colour and material.  In addition, the unusual light-fixture, wall-mounted ornaments, and the bed's very unique backboard increase the peculiar appearance of this room.

2) Hidden Treasures

Bedroom (3)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Absolook Interior Design)

What really sets this bedroom apart from most others are those sliding drawers.  Not only do they provide some great storage space, but they can be easily concealed to reduce clutter.  Also note the total absence of furniture and other decor items: this bedroom aims for a truly minimalist look, and certainly achieves it.

3) Dreamy Opulence

Bedroom (4)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Impression Design Firm)

We've seen Victorian decadence before, but rarely on this level.

Gossamer curtains, highly ornate furniture, and a bed wrapped in luxurious silks, this may seem like any other Victorian interior if not for a few unique elements: the dark-screened television and illuminated fan combo add modern flavors to an otherwise classic look, their bright and dim colours standing in sharp opposition to the gentle pink and gold tones.

4) Crystal Clear

Bedroom (5)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Home Designing)

It's not hard to guess why our next case is so remarkable.  Modern light-fixtures, minimal use of furniture, a thick and gorgeous rug that matches the floor-boards—all of these facets contribute in their own special way, but it's the use of large floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall glass panels that make this room utterly beguiling.

Here, transparent materials are used to give us a view into the bedroom and also what lies on the other side, deepening our horizons and sense of wonder.

5) Classy Curtains

Bedroom (6)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Edge Interior)

The epitome of elegance, this bedroom utilizes multiple curtains to great effect.  Not only do they look sophisticated, but the use of ceiling-mounted rails allows them to slide easily back and forth, and when untied, the curtains can be wrapped around the entire perimeter of the bed, thus creating a very romantic atmosphere (we can see proof of this from the flowers and tray).

6) Down To Earth

Bedroom (7)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Unity Interior Design)

Almost the complete opposite of the Victorian interior, this home opts for basic necessities rather than over-the-top luxury.

What makes this bedroom so different is that it doesn't try to define itself through how much it has, but how little.  The absence or “nakedness” of material goods draws our eyes to the few things which are present, including those gorgeous works of art, pendent light-fixtures, a mirror, and of course that bed sitting directly on the floor.

7) Beyond Definition

Bedroom (1)

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: MM Builder N Design)

Much like the previous example this one tries to escape definition, but it doesn't do so through a lack of furniture or decor, but through the absence of walls.  That's right: we have a bed placed right in the middle of nowhere.

So the question becomes, is this a bedroom?  A living room...? Or a sitting room?

This lack of walls makes our final example truly remarkable: without them, we have a seamless blending of normally independent and well-defined spaces into a singular unit.  Neither bedroom nor living room, this last entry defies characterization—and that's what makes it so extraordinary.

If anything, these preceding seven examples prove that being unique is just as important as being beautiful, and that standing out from the crowd is the mark of good design.



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