7 Wonderful Ways To Design In Shades Of Brown

We’re all acquainted with Fifty Shades of Grey, thanks to the notorious literary sensation by E.L. James, but very few understand the delicacies of all the shades of browns. Admittedly it is one of the more subdued hues on the color wheel but it carries that decadent richness that is always a timeless classic – from modern and contemporary to intricately traditional, brown could be retrofitted in each and every aesthetic without looking out of place or forced in.

In this post, we will look at these 7 wonderful ways to design in shades of brown.


1. Beautiful laminates

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Since hardwood is extremely expensive as compared to chipboard or MDF (mild density fiber composite wood), laminates have been dominating the market pretty heavily these days. Wooden laminates now come is a vast variety of shades and textures that mimic the authenticity of actual wood with a dash of contemporary finishes to make them a more plausible fit for our actual interior aesthetics.


2. Wall Tiles

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These are usually incorporated in either the kitchen or the bathroom, mostly because these two spaces are the only ones that have been aesthetically primed to handle them. You could create an alternating combination of various textures and forms of wooden tile sin order to create an all-encompassing ambiance.


3. Floors and walls

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These days, there is a vast variety of wooden tiles available that could be used as a fine alternative to wooden floors. You could arrange them in complicated patterns such as herringbone or even use simple formations. If you’re up for it, then you could even complement the wooden floors with a lighter wooden wall façade.



4. Wall Claddings

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If wood is not your specific taste of brown, then worry not; there is always room for other choice materials. Composite wall claddings have been taking the world by storm and rightly so. They have a wonderful puzzle like formation that could be customized to fit the clients need.



5. Accenting with white

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Brown may seem like a timeless classic, but too much of it can make your space seem overwrought and expressionless. So you should always accent the browns through appropriate hues and materials. White is one of the choice hues to balance out the warmth of browns so if all else fails, go for that.



6. Through innovative textures

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These days we now have amazing texture designs that can completely alter the overall look of any room with minimal intervention. You can use your choice shade of brown and implement it with a creative twist by adding in a texture that will showcase its creative integrity.


7. Ash browns

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This specific shade of brown is all about bringing in the drama, so if you’re going for an aesthetic that needs a bit of a creative outreach then use this particular shade of brown. However, make sure that it is not used in abundance, as it can seem a bit unsightly if used too much in a traditionally small space.

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