8 Astonishing Contemporary Wall Units For TV Screens

The TV wall area is the most important and attractive area of a living room. Usually we have our TVs, Projectors attached to inappropriate walls, as we don’t know the right place to fix out our TVs. Mostly people make living lounge attractive with other things but the TV is the focal point of any lounge. We can fix our TVs on the wall units. But, now there are more than just walls to attach your TVs with such as stylish wooden cabinets, floating cabinets with amazing light effects, colorful and mirror walls.
We ought to make our living room look pleasantly classic. A couple of crisp thoughts for the foundation of the every living room you will discover today in this range of images.


Traditional touch of black to any item never fades.  A wooden wall with a black mole on it enhance its more casual look yet attractive. The leather combination in living lounge makes it more casual look. This interior is arranged by Design 4 space PTE LTD.

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Design 4 Space PTE LTD)


White and black famous and never ending combination never gets old. The dark wall unit stick by a sleek TV screen makes a living room attractive yet stylish. It is always important to choose the right wall for your TV screen relating to its size. This absolutely black beauty is designed by Design 4 Space PTE LTD.

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Design 4 Space PTE LTD)

urban design


A designed by Urban design has a classic touch. The motif designed wall stick by screen looks more appropriate to the living room. The touch of grey with black is a never ending combination. This sophisticatedly designed living room enhances the look of your home.

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Urban design)

image creative

Dark brown glossy wall is change from customary white and black walls. The amazing and romantic effects of lights on the wall stick by a screen will make your living area sophisticated and classy. This is beautifully designed by ‘Image Creative’.

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Image Creative)

image creative 2

When there’s less space to adjust thing appropriately, then you must consult the interior designer to assist you in decorating and placing items to an appropriate areas. This small area is amazingly designed by Image creative such as the right selection of wall for Screen.

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Image creative)

the interior lab

The effects of natural lighting are a modernized style of lighting. This kind of lighting effect boost up the beauty of any area at home. The perfectly designed wall has beautified by The Interior Lab designers.  They choose the best locations to set your items accordingly.

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: The interior lab)

Euphoric Designs

The double wall effect for TV screen is now in fashion. While constructing home people usually design special wall unit for TV screens. This beautiful arranged interior is designed by Euphoric Designs.

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Euphoric Designs)


Contemporary look of White and blue is becoming of more attention for most of the interior designers. This white wall is specially designed for Screen with a 3D view of Blue stripes. This Idea is presented by Project Guru interior designers.

(Interior Design, Home Renovation Image Source: Project Guru)




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