8 Important tips to take care of your shower products

8 Important tips to take care of your shower products

The very first step to protecting your shower products is to appoint a licensed plumber to install them. Licensed plumbers usually have many years of experience in installing shower products, especially those that are of high quality.The licensed plumber may also have received specialized technical training from specific manufacturers.

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1.Engage a licensed Plumber for your product installation

Furthermore, shower technology and concealed installation in the bathrooms are increasingly sophisticated and offer more features as they are continually developed and improved. This means that you need a professional to correctly install these products.

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2.Beware of cleaning agents & abrasive cleaning materials

While it is a good practice to diligently clean your shower products, please refrain from using cleaning agents containing hydrochloric acid, formic acid, chlorine bleach or acetic acid as they can cause considerable damage to the surfaces of your products and affect the inner workings of the products. Similarly, robust cleaning methods with abrasive cleaning materials, can harm your shower products. Only use diluted mild hand soap solution, and rinse the product with water after cleaning.

3.Follow the recommended cleaning instruction manual closely

Cleaning of the shower products has to be carried out with the prescribed detergent dosage, duration, specific to the objects and tailored to the needs of the products.

4.Watch out for limescale desposits

Limescale is a calcium compound found on those surfaces and appliances around the home that come into regular contact with water, and can accumulate quickly. This means that shower products can have this problem as they have to withstand calciferous water, dirt and cleaning agents. On top of being unsightly limescale deposits can reduce the efficiency of your shower products.

Interesting fact: Hansgrohe's QuickClean technology 

Hansgrohe's QuickClean technology allows the users to rub off limescale from the nozzles in an instant. Shower jets are fitted with flexible silicon nubs, limescale deposits can be rubbed off easily. Products that are limescale-free and well-maintained remain attractive and in good working order for a longer period.  You can lightly rubs instead of vigorously cleaning and scrubbing the products. This helps to maintain a regular water flow and a longer product life and functionality!

5.Always thoroughly rinse the shower products with clean water

Always rinse the shower products thoroughly with clean water to remove any residue, after cleaning them and after each use. In addition, the residues of toiletries, such as liquid soaps and shower gels, aftershave and nail varnish can also cause damage.  Do note that already damaged shower products will further deteriorate under the effect of the cleansers.

6.When using a spray cleaner, never directly spray onto the shower products

Remember to spray the cleaning solution onto a soft cloth, but never directly onto the shower products. The atomized spray could enter the openings and gaps in them, and cause damage to parts of the products.

7.Turn to the extreme hot & cold functions of thermostatic mixers once a month

If you are using thermostatic mixers at home, try to turn to the extreme hot and cold functions of your mixers, once a month.  This can help to prolong the lifespan of the thermostatic cartridges, and can prevent calcification. When turning to the extreme hot function of the mixer, please take care not to scald yourself.

8.Check that the water pressure at home is compatible with the product specifications

If the water pressure is not strong enough, this can lead to the underperformance of your shower products. Find out about the water pressure at home and seek the sales representative's professional advice before purchasing the shower product.

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