A Contemporary Statement With A Classical Design

People said that new ideas are always stemming. To some extent that is actually true. Roman spawned Romanesque, which spawned gothic, byzantine, renaissance, mannerism and so many more interior design and architecture styles than we can possibly list over here.

So suffice it to say, old really is gold, and nothing can beat the timelessness of classics. This is why contemporary interior designs are still drawing inspiration from the beauty and timelessness of these classical designs. Classical might be centuries old, but it is a style with unfettered grace and elegance. It can make any contemporary style interior look absolutely stunning. So below, we’ll be taking a look at a how you can make a contemporary statement with classical designs.


1. Dressing Feature Walls

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Mesh Werk Studio

Feature and accent walls are always a big highlight of contemporary interior designs. They take up so much visual space that it can be hard discerning an interior design without them. So you can definitely take some understated classical elements and spice up your feature walls in a subtle yet elegant way. It’s a great way to emphasize the classical elements in your design while you can highlight the contemporary aspects.


2. From The Hallways

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Mesh Werk Studio

Hallways are one of those transitional spaces that are very hard to dress in a design as complicated as neo-classical. So when you’re designing your interiors to make the perfect contemporary come classical statement, it can be especially challenging. You can use wainscoting and half-wall beading to make a classical statement and play with color schemes to make the style look more rich and interesting.



3. Small knick-knacks

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Mesh Werk Studio

The classical style is comprised of small nuances that make the overall style more interesting. When you couple this with the simplicity of the modern style, it can look especially beautiful. You can use modern knick-knacks like decoration pieces or even functional aspects like crockery to spice up the overall aesthetic.



4. Decoration pieces

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Mesh Werk Studio

Accessories and decorations are a great way to jazz up the ambiance of your classical come contemporary interior design style. You can mix and match the accessories of modern and ornate styles to make a unique statement. This can give you a lot of stylistic expression to work with. You can have a lot of fun choosing accessories. Trinkets and baubles are always a lot of fun to place in such aesthetics.



5. Handles and knobs

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Mesh Werk Studio

The subtleties of design are what actually makes any style worth experiencing and that rings even truer for the classical come contemporary style. So what you can do is, you can translate the classical vibe into small design aspects like door knobs and handles while making the overall style of the door contemporary.

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