A Study In Scarlet – 5 Ways To Emulate Red In Your Interior Designs

Red is the boldest color on the color wheel. It is a primary color that attracts the eye effortlessly. It is always used in small doses in every design – unless you want the concept behind the design to be loud, clear and beaten out with drums.

In interior design, the color red is used to add a dash of boldness. It spices the design up and keeps it from turning out to be drab or boring. Red is a color that keeps the space interesting even when it is paired up with soft hues like beige and browns. It can be emulated in a number of interior design styles in several ways. Below, we will be sharing 5 ways to emulate red in your interior designs with you!


1. In tiny ways

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The best way to use red color in interior designs is by using it in small doses. You can proportion it throughout the space in small doses to keep the space interesting. You can do this by selecting some feature objects in that specific color and arranging them throughout the room. It can be a chair, a stool, an ottoman or a beanbag.




2. In a single fell swoop

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Sometimes, having a single bold object in your interior designs can be enough. Red color is extremely eye-catching and has a lot of visual weight. So if you have even one large object in your interior design of this specific color, then that would be enough. For example, if the back-rest of your couch set is red in color then even that is going to have a large impact on the overall interior design.




3. For Patriots

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If you run a basic Google search, you will notice that many flags of countries all around the world have some variation of red in them. Even Singapore itself proudly displays a bold red upper stripe. You can use that as a patriotic element for your interior designs. It won’t take a lot of wall space, but it can seem like a trendy design element in modern interiors.




4. For contrast

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Sometimes, in especially achromatic (colors in hues, tints and shades of black and white) color scheme, you can use a small amounts of red color to break the monotony. It can be done through placing simple decorative elements like books throughout the room. It can also be done by featuring a permanent design element like a shelving unit on a wall.




5. By design

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If you are not a fan of simple, bold red, then you can always use it through patterns. You can incorporate red patterns in your interior designs through objects like bed sheets and photo frames. This will add a stylistic aura to the space while enhancing the liveliness of the design.

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