Accentuating Highlights – The Make-Up of Interior Designs

Accentuating Highlights – The Make-Up of Interior Designs

When you apply make-up on your face, what you are actually doing is enhancing your underlying features. It is a natural phenomenon, not only of human psychology or relating to physical appearance of our face and bodies, but also any and everything surrounding us. It is an inherent sort of mechanism that we want to beautify ourselves and the things around us. For make-up, we use concealers, highlighters, contouring kits, shades, blush and more; similarly, for interior design, we use highlights and accents. To beautify a space, it is not only the mainstream selection of materials and color palate that matters. The real challenge lies in selecting the small highlights that build up the aura of any space. These small finishing touches are what can make or break any space – the wrong accents with the right color palate can create a garish contrast which could end up destroying the ambiance of the overall interior setting. Today, we’ll be looking at how these small touches can end up defining our interiors.


It is not only through colors and materials that we can apply the perfect accents to our interiors. The latest advents in construction and design technology has enables us to use lighting as a tool for applying accents too. Though not as subtle as any other conventional material, lighting highlights need to be carefully placed around the interiors so as not to get in the way of visual definition of any space. The image below, shows a perfectly spread accentuation through lighting of an interior. The drop lights make for an interesting aspect on the plain blue wall, while the back lighting of the media wall create for a bold step in an otherwise conventional interior design.

Accentuating Highlights – The Make-Up of Interior Designs (2)

(Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Starry Homestead)

Rustic Rainbows

You can always use a single color to apply accents into an interior design when you need to be subtle about it. But if you want to go bold and ride it all the way, then you can always use more than one – three or four at times – colors to define the accents of your interior setting. The image of the interior below captures this concept eloquently. The rainbow of tan colors is broken by the use of blue in between and the spotlights do a splendid job of creating focal points throughout this feature.

Accentuating Highlights – The Make-Up of Interior Designs (3)

(Interior DesignHome Renovation Source: Vievva Designers)

Dull into Bold

The thing about modern interiors is that they usually come with a rather dull color scheme. Most of the time, these dull tones are accentuated with even duller tones to accommodate the monochromatic color scheme. While it is not a bad idea, you can use a plethora of colors to highlight the otherwise monotonous aspects of an interior. Take the example of the interior below, where the single painting with a bight scheme converts the entirely boring aspect of the interior into something better.

Accentuating Highlights – The Make-Up of Interior Designs (1)

(Interior DesignHome Renovation Source: Vievva Designers)



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