Adamas: Unique Stainless-Steel Shelf Designs Which Everyone Must Know

It is always a need to have some stylish shelves for storing our knick-knacks whether it is a contemporary bathroom, a state-of-the-art kitchen or a modern living room. Hence, this is the moment which these unique stainless-steel shelves which is designed by Adamas comes in! The unique and trendy shelves are truly multipurpose and decorative; meanwhile, it adds a fresh new vibe to your interior designs. Well, let’s check out the following stylish stainless steel shelve designs in their collection.


1. Glass and Steel

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Adamas

Glass and steel are the ultimate industrial style material combinations. Adamas understand this; thus, they have this unique wall-mount shelf design that uses both of these materials to create a beautiful and simple design. Meanwhile, it can be spectacular to display and store your accessories on.



2. Pure Stainless-Steel Shelf


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Adamas


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Adamas

The pure stainless teel wall-mount shelves in the Adamas collection is based on the ‘Brutalist’ style. It is a genre of modern design that focuses on large faces and angles in the design that have no decoration. This designs of shelves are based on this similar concept. They have a clean design which looks absolutely beautiful in any interior design.



3. The Bathroom Fixture Dilemma

Everyone has a bad experience with plastic toilet paper dispensers. They are inefficient, and they can be broken easily. Thus, people require a toilet paper dispenser design and accessories which is made in stainless steel. They are efficient and unique in design which do not rust or corrode easily as well as it is use in ease. To some extent, this makes our life easier!



4. Classy in Stainless-Steel

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Adamas

This particular shelve is especially classy. It has a delicate design which has two alternating sizes in the same unit. It has a sleek and sophisticated design which can make a bathroom looks more stunning. Needless to say, it is great for storing daily essentials in style.




5. The Matt & Minimal Look

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Adamas


Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Adamas

These shelves offer a matt finish in a stainless-steel build, which is a very unique style. It looks beautiful in understated contemporary style in interior designs. The design of these shelves is very basic and minimalistic; however, the overall look is quite impressive.



6. The Multipurpose Shelves

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Adamas

The multipurpose stainless-steel shelves are very well-designed and efficient. They are going to be especially helpful in the kitchen or the bathroom. We can organize and store our essentials in a neat and organized way by utilizing this shelve. Furthermore, a stainless-steel body is able to make the design  resistant to corrosion and rust.

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