Advantages of a Slatted Bed Base

Advantages of a Slatted Bed Base

The complete anatomy of a bed consists of a headboard, footboard, mattress and a base. While the headboard and the footboard can be of more aesthetic and ambient concerns, the mattress and the base are purely functional and pragmatic aspects of a bed design. Both need to be complementary – to each other and to the needs of the user. The base of the bed is especially important, as it determines the level of comfort even the mattress cannot handle alone. The sleeping quality of the user can be enhanced or distressed depending on the style of the bed base you use. There are conventionally two types of bed bases available in the market – one is the simple wooden plank base, while the other is the slatted bed base. Today, we will be discussing why the wooden slatted base is better than the wooden plank base.


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Wooden Plank Base

These are the type of bed bases found in huge bedrooms, and they are usually flat with a raised surface. Advantages of such beds are because of its durability, heavyweight and sturdiness, thus you can be sure that it cannot collapse easily.

However, the cons of such bed bases would be that there is no ventilation, and no extra bounce nor ergonomical support.

Wooden Slat Base

The formation of a wooden slat base depends upon the size of the actual bed. It consists of simple wooden slats placed equidistantly in a liner formation which are attached to Hytrel or rubber holders in a frame. Even in this bed base genre, there are two separate categories:

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: European Bedding

  • The Sprung Slatted Bed Base – the slats in this kind of bed are curved and generally flexible.
  • The Fixed Slatted Bed Base – the slats in this bed base are always straight, tense and immoveable. This kind of a bed base is widely used in the Asian countries.

European Bedding Solution

Taking the best out of both of these bed bases, European bedding has come up with a pragmatic design for a bed base that is both comfortable and adjustable. The adjustable sprung slatted bed base is an ergonomic design that can be set up and adjusted according to your preference. It provides the utmost support and comfort to the body, especially the spine. This kind of bed base can also provide a nice ventilation system for your mattress of choice and are particularly suited for warm climates

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: European Bedding
Listed below are a few benefits of the adjustable spring slatted bed base:

  • The slats in this bed base come with an option of “customization”. With this, you can adjust the slats at lumbar level until the firmness is set up according to your personal preference. The European bedding adjustable spring slatted bed base is a completely organic product and is made up of beech wood.
  • The gaps in between the slats make for excellent ventilation for the mattress.
  • This bed base provides excellent support. The mattress, along with the body weight conforms around the adjustable slats, which provides the right amount of support for the body.


The slatted bed base is a nicely engineered production and we hope this article helps you make the most comfortable choice.

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