All The Best Parts Of Conventional Design

In our strive for individuality and uniqueness, we might sometimes overlook some conventional design strategies that have served us well throughout the past. This is becoming more and more common these days. People are gradually leaning towards eccentric and quirky interior designs, not understanding that typical can sometimes be the absolute best. Therefore, today we will be looking at 5 design interventions that are the best parts of conventional designs.


1. From the layout

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Sometimes, a conventional layout can be the best way you can make the most of your existing space. Tried and true methods always have a special place in society, and planning techniques are the best part of that, the open floor concept has become quite a norm in Singapore, and it is truly the best kind of conventional you can implement in your design.



2. To the furniture

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Typical furniture can be an affordable yet unique way to make your interior designs beautiful. You can find some amazing stuff on ezbuy – the Singapore equivalent of Pottery Barn and Ikea. The simplicity of your furniture design can make your overall space quite stand out in an understated way.




3. Aluminum framed glass walls

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Glass walls have become the norm in typical Singapore HDB interior designs. They are the perfect way to increase transparency in your interior designs without breaking down the physical barriers of the space. This design intervention is truly becoming the best part of conventional interior design practices.



4. Typical bathroom formation

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Typical bathroom designs are another ‘tried and true’ venture in interior design. There have been so many successful stories of them throughout the years that people have adopted these layouts as a norm. Of course you can differ in fixtures, but the overall space and design remains the same throughout.



5. Study rooms

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The conventional study room with a single feature study desk and a sidelined sitting nook has become another common feature in typical Singapore interior designs. It features the best of aesthetics and allows maximum, ergonomic and efficient utilization of space throughout the interior design.

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