All You Need To Know About Modern And Contemporary Home Design

Modern and contemporary home designs are very popular interior trends. These two are a bit opposite to one another, but their combination gives your home a fresh new look.

Do you want to create a perfect modern or contemporary home?

If yes, then here are a few tips for you that will help you in many ways.


1. White And Grey With Metallic Finish

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Yang's Inspiration Design

Classically contemporary, the design in the above image looks just stunning. Crisp white and grey combination with metallic feel makes the living area modern yet contemporary.

Black leather upholstery with a huge mirror at the back wall makes the area more happening and welcoming. Where the place looks modern, it is spacious at the same time. The combination of dark and light in livening area is just amazing.


2. Textured Wall In Bedroom

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Vitas Design

Everyone is dreaming of a modern yet contemporary style bedroom. To make it of your choice, add texture in one of its wall that matches the theme of your rest room. As you can see in the image above the dark textured wall, dark grey drapes, and same colour bedding makes the room look beautiful.

The modern style of curtains and contemporary style wall paint increases the curb appeal of your space. To give the bedroom a more fresh look place some potted plants on the bed side.


3. Place A Beautiful Wall Painting

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Vivre Creative Design Pte Ltd

Add a large painting on the dark wall of your living area for a contemporary touch in modern space. Place a white l-shape sofa that not only gives you comfort but also set a style statement about you.

Modern geometric shape center table will complement the overall design of your living space. For more clear idea have a look at the image above.


4. Go For Vintage Style TV Unit

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Yang's Inspiration Design  

Contemporary style is more about vintage; thus, the addition of classic TV unit in living area transforms a modern home interior into contemporary design.

A series of wall paintings above the TV space looks fantastic and increases the curb appeal of your living space. To make it more attractive and welcoming use yellow seating near window and L- shaped sofa in front of the entertainment wall. Keep the floor light to make the area look more spacious and welcoming.


 5. Stick To Neutrals

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Vivre Creative Design Pte Ltd

Neutral shades are the main part of the contemporary home design. If you’re aiming to incorporate this style in your bathroom then, white, tans, earthy shades should make up the bulk of bathroom design.

Are you wondering how to incorporate colours to get a contemporary look?

If yes, then look at the image above and plan your bath space accordingly. White toilet seat, white shelf with sink is something that matches every shade in the bathroom. Now, use neural colour wall tiles to make the area attractive and impressive.


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