Amazing Mix Of Colors, Textures & Materials

If someone asks you what are the three major components of an interior design, you can simply say “color, textures and materials”. For the most part it is quite true. No interior design can exist without a color palate. It will look absolutely boring without texture and materials make up more than half of the execution of the color palate itself. All three of these aspects are very interrelated and necessary to design an excellent interior. So further, we’ll be looking at 5 interior designs that show an excellent combination of all three of these aspects.


1. Teal, light and monochrome

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Briey Interior

This interior design is a brilliant combination of a beautiful color scheme, a minimalistic material palate and a wonderful lighting texture scheme. The teal accents in the otherwise monochrome color palate add a high style chic aesthetic to the overall design. the plush leather couch adds some major material related texture goals and the backlit venetian blinds provide an excellent lighting scheme.



2. Woods and whites

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: Sky Creation

There is something about an all-white color scheme that evokes an aura of pureness in the interior design. However, if it is used singularly, your space can look very stark and austere. So it’s better to balance it out with something organic such as wooden textures. So the neatness of the white color scheme adds a nice contrast to the grainy texture of wooden accents in this beautiful interior design.



3. Getting creative

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: M3 Studio

When you’re working with a grey beige color scheme, it is important that you add lots of visual contrast. If you don’t, then the space may end up looking drab and boring. So you can add a material-texture combo of tonal contrasts like the area rug and throw pillows in this interior against a beige color scheme to make things interesting.



4. High contrast and minimalism

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: M3 Studio

If minimalism is too boring for you, then it’s time to go for a high contrast color scheme against a backdrop of a modern-minimal aesthetic like this bedroom interior design. As you can see, the brilliant blue bedcovers look absolutely gorgeous against the smooth material-texture application of the walls.



5. Working with chic patterns

Interior DesignHome Renovation Image Source: M3 Studio

Kitchens can be especially hard to work with – especially when you’re focusing on the color-material-texture trifecta. However, this particular kitchen design provides an optimum example of what you can do. The sleek grey cabinet laminates provides an excellent alpha color scheme while the wooden countertops and attractive pattern backsplash makes for a clever way to merge the texture-material duology.

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